Some Ways In Which You Can Have a Beautiful Home

Our little apartment needs a wee bit of renovations that I’ve been planning since last year, as the (tentative) date draws closer I thought I’d share a few tips that you might find useful if you’re planning to re-do things yourself.
When it comes to homes, there is no fixed formula. I firmly believe that a home should be a reflection of it’s residents. Remember, this is where you spend most of your evenings / nights & if you’re a homebody (like me!), your days off too. So the look of the home should be something you truly love and won’t tire of too quickly.

Paint + Color Scheme

I think this is the single most important thing in every home. You can have the most beautiful furniture & curios but if your walls are dull that spoils the whole thing. A color can liven up or set just the right mood for the room. White brightens things, taupe goes so well with wood & antiques etc.
I like DIY-ing but one cannot do everything by themselves, it helps to consult an expert. I’ve been meaning to contact the folks at Asian Paints Home Solutions to figure out the color scheme for each room. Home painting is exciting but also pretty intimidating, but Asian Paints folks make sure it’s a an easy, stress-free & satisfying experience. You can consult with their experts & get all your questions answered.
Even if you’re renting, consider painting your home anyway, you will love it! Most landlords are OK with a neutral color (if you consult them first) or if you want to go bold, that’s ok too, just know that you’ll have to paint it back when you’re vacating.

Frame It!
I love, love, love frames. They are beautiful & versatile & you can frame just about anything – don’t restrict yourself to photographs. You can get original art, art prints or even souvenirs / vinyl record sleeves. Oh & don’t forget jigsaw puzzles. The possibility are endless! Recently I have gotten obsessed with getting a gallery wall in the living room. It takes a little planning but the end result is worth it!
Go With the Classics
It’s easy to get sucked up in home trends but in the end trendy things can look dated quickly, so tread carefully. You’re better off investing in pieces that you know will look good for years to come, whether it’s an antique Portuguese almirah or that Eames Rocker you’ve been eyeing.
Most of all, (and this should go without saying) have fun & don’t be too afraid to break a few rules. 🙂

(photos via my ‘home‘ board on pinterest)

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    Love the frames idea, we generally tend to stick with the basics but as you said framing almost anything can help add colour and personalise the house more. thanks!

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