I don’t often do website reviews here, but today I’m taking a little time to talk about one of my go-to websites when it comes to looking up beauty reviews (& the subsequent wishlist-ing & purchasing, of course!) – Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog!

IMBBIndian Makeup & Beauty Blog or IMBB as it is better known is oIndia most well recognized destination for beauty & beyond. It was founded in 2009 (the same year as Magalic.com!) by Rati & Sanjeev – while initially only focussing on makeup & beauty, now you can find a lot of broader women’s interest topics like fashion, lifestyle, fitness etc. with beauty still being the main focus.

Started by just the couple, they now have a team of four with over 700 writers working regularly on content for IMBB (more here). I think the whole of IMBB is a testament to how far hard work & determination (& a love for beauty ;)) can take you.

Over the years whenever I’ve searched for reviews on any product, I find myself on IMBB. Definitely my go-to website for product reviews! You’ll find reviews for a very wide range of products there – budget to high end, local & international. With the inclusion of skin type & tone in reviews, I certainly find it easier to make a decision on buying a product.

On the critical side, I find that sometimes individual review posts occasionally lack quality, but that’s become quite rare. I just visited IMBB again to write this post & now I’m lusting after the Chambor Liquid Lipsticks after reading the reviews.

The layout is clean & minimal & I find it quite easy to navigate. They also have a very lively community on IMBB, so I’ll often browse the comments to read about different people’s experiences. So now, whenever I am looking for product reviews, especially for newly launched products I’ll just start on IMBB instead of Google Search. I visit Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog quite regularly so I’m happy to chat about it here.

Do you visit blogs / review websites before purchasing new beauty products? Which one is your favorite? x