How to Get the Best Selfie on any Occasion with the Vivo V5

Tips on making sure your selfies look as cute as you, no matter what the lighting may be.

Best Selfie

While self portraits have been around since the dawn of cameras (in the 19th century no less) in recent times the shortened form – Selfie has become has become quite a buzzword. It was declared as the Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year 2013 & has showed no signs of slowing down, & why should it?

I’ve always maintained that selfies are empowering. They’re a great way to document your life, where you go, whom you meet without having to rely on someone else to take the photo. They’re quick & easy. I take selfies when I’m travelling alone, shopping, partying, or just because I’m having a good hair day or like my makeup.

If you’ve ever taken a selfie yourself, you’ll know that it’s not always easy as pie.

best selfie

There are times when you think you look cute AF but your phone just doesn’t cooperate.

In this articles I’m going to discuss some easy selfie hacks so you can always take your best selfies, no matter what the time of day or lighting conditions are.

It’s all in the phone

The consumer camera is dead. While I still have a professional camera for my blogging & vlogging needs, I may not always carry it with me wherever I go. More people are taking photos with their phones than with any other type of camera. Photographer Chase Jarvis said ‘The Best Camera is the one You Have With You’.

If you want to take a good selfie, it’s important that you choose a good phone, which is a good blend of sound hardware & software. The newly introduced Vivo V5 has a 20 megapixel front camera with a lens aperture of f 2, which ensures your selfies will always be clear & not blurry or grainy even in very low light situations.

Good Lighting Is Your Best Friend

In a selfie or any type of photo really, it usually comes down to good lighting. Taking a good daytime selfie isn’t too hard because it’s easy to look pretty in diffused sunlight. But what about in parties, clubs & other places that are known to be pretty dim? That’s where the Vivo V5’s moonlight selfie comes in. I’m usually kind of critical of front flashes on camera because they tend to be a bit too harsh. But the moonlight selfie creates a beautiful, diffused glow with the lighting effects of a professional photo studio, so it ensures you’ll look well lit & radiant (think ‘lit-from-within’) always.

Have Fun With It

Kim K may have popularised the pouty faced selfie taken from slightly above, but when it comes to take one, there are no real rules. Feel free to experiment with your angles & poses. Your selfie should reflect your own personality, so don’t take it too seriously, just enjoy it!

I hope these tips will help you to seriously up your selfie game! x

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