With summer within arm’s length now, everyone who hasn’t already done so is furiously planning their annual vacation. It is true that many people are looking for some excitement on their time away from home, but there is a growing trend towards finding unique places to visit which are ‘off the beaten path.’ In fact, finding those interesting places that aren’t what you’d expect from a tourist trap is a growing trend and one that makes a place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming the perfect vacation spot, especially in the summer. Jackson Hole, WY gives new meaning to ‘off the beaten path’ as you will soon discover from the moment you arrive.

A Real Taste of the Old WestJackson Hole

When you first set foot in Jackson Hole you will understand how it got its name. Snuggled deep in a valley between two mountain ranges, the Teton and Gros Ventre Mountain Ranges, it was only approachable back in the days of the early pioneers by hiking down a steep slope from the north and east which led to the valley in which Jackson Hole now resides. Those early pioneers said they felt like they had crawled down into the belly of the earth, into a hole as it were, and that’s how the valley got its name. This is the place to go if you want to see attractions like the unusually interesting ElkFest antler auction and Chuck Wagon dinners where the family can rustle up some grub just like they did in the old days.

Spend the Rest of Your Time in the Lap of LuxuryJackson Hole, White Buffalo Club

While you really would like a taste of the Wild, Wild West, it would be safe to say that you will probably want to spend the bulk of your stay soaking up a little TLC at the most luxurious full service hotel in the valley. Many people make a trip to Jackson Hole an annual event just to spend some time at the White Buffalo Club that features the best amenities like you’d expect in New York, Paris or London but you are literally in the last remaining vestiges of the Old West. You have not tasted a good cut of meat cooked to perfection like you’ll enjoy at the USDA Prime Steakhouse & Bar and if you’ve been in the saddle too long that day, soothe your aching muscles (and sometimes panicked spirit!) at the Day Spa.

In Jackson Hole you are truly off the beaten path because the valley is deep within the ‘hole’ between these two mountain ranges and all you can see from every direction is snow-capped mountains. However, for those who love to travel in summer months yet are not fond of extremes in heat, Jackson Hole is the ideal location because the days are warm and mild, not hot and overbearing. Looking to trek off the beaten path this summer? Jackson Hole, WY gives new meaning to a phrase that is otherwise nothing more than a trend. x

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