Bollywood has always been an inspiration to the travellers. From the gorgeous Switzerland to enticing Manali, Bollywood as covered almost all major travel destinations from around the world. Those three hours in the theater open all your imaginations and your window to fantasies. The beautiful, picturesque locations filmed, make you fall tremendously in love with them and give you an immense feeling to pack your bags right away and make a move towards that much-awaited vacation.

Here is a list of some amazing Bollywood movies that will make you want to leave everything aside and travel. Take a look!

PikuBollywood Inspired Travel

Piku has done full justice to the beauty Kolkata beholds. The cinematographically beautiful journey of Piku and her father from Delhi to Kolkata is heart-warming and full of energy. Also, an inspiration to those who like being on the go, always! The spellbinding visuals of the magnificent Howrah Bridge, the enchanting structure of the Victoria Memorial and the charisma of the locals would instantly make you fall in love with the “City of Joy.” Check into any of the five star hotels in Kolkata and quickly start your exploration journey. It’s worth it!

Yeh Jawani Hai DeewaniBollywood Inspired Travel

This Ranbir-Deepika starrer flick gave every young traveller a major push to travel. The artistically captured locations of Manali and Udaipur gave everyone (including me) the feeling just to leave everything and catch the very next bus to either Udaipur or the gorgeous Himalayan resort town in India – Manali. So, if you also fell in love with the locations captured, wait no more, just pack your bags and head to any of the destinations right away!

HighwayBollywood Inspired Travel

Not exactly a travel movie, but Highway was one flick that no one wanted to end. The movie infused a feeling of sitting in the window seat of a car and watching gorgeous landscapes pass. From the Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh to the Aru Valley and Chandanwari near Pahalgam, every location every frame was so well captured that people almost forgot the movie was about a bride-to-be being kidnapped. Well, that’s all because of the mastermind behind the movie – Imtiaz Ali!

Dil Chahta HaiBollywood Inspired Travel

Undeniably, this film has set major travel goals for generations to come. While there are many other reasons to love this popular Bollywood flick, the idea of travelling with your friends just to chill in Goa remains the number one reason to fall in love with it. Dil Chahta Hai officially labelled Goa the national holiday spot for young’uns, to say the least. Make your friends (who always cancel Goa plan at the end moment) watch the movie and inspire them to go ahead with the plan this time.

Chennai ExpressBollywood Inspired Travel

To say the least, Chennai Express was a visual treat, especially for people who live to travel. The stunning locations of Southern India were captured so well that it almost gave the feeling of being there right at the moment. From the favourite hill town of Munnar in Kerala to majestic Dudhsagar Falls in Goa, each visual and each frame of the movie was scintillating enough to awake the traveller in you.

So, if you are true blue Bollywood fan and a traveller by heart, watch these movies all over again (because we are sure you must have watched all of them like 100’s of time) and plan that much awaited trip to any of the destinations showcased, to give your travel a hint of Bollywood. From getting clicked in Bollywood style to getting a travel poster made for yourself, do it all to make your trip worth remembering. If you are worried about the bookings during the peak travel season, take help from any of the popular travel websites to make it a well-planned and a hassle-free trip.

Bags packed already? x

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