How to style Mom Jeans

It's been almost a decade since I discovered 'mom' fit jeans & I haven't put on a pair of skinnies since....

They got their name from looser denims of the late 80's / early 90's that were popular amongst moms for the easy, comfortable fit but today they are a bonafide style statement..

They may not be flattering in a conventional sense but they do have a more laidback charm & can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Deconstructing the Fit

Mom jeans have a high waist (above the navel) that is fitted, with a baggy zipper area, loose legs that taper slightly towards the ankle.

Buying your perfect ones

When buying mom jeans, don't get the first one that fits. I always try two, my own size & one size larger. 90% of the time I like how the larger one looks more!


A casual look for a weekend market. I completed this with reflective sunglasses, rolled hems & sandals.


A dressier retro themed look, the jeans make it look breezy & daytime appropriate.


My airport looks are all about comfort & loose mom jeans are as comfy as sweatpants!


Dressed down look for a day of travel that included lot of walking!

Once you get your first pair, there's no looking back!