Guess what!

Today Life etc. celebrates it’s first anniversary (or blogoversary)

I can’t believe it’s a year already! I kept many blogs before that, but didn’t stick to any. Then one day I decided that something had to change. And the result is this blog!

I just had a mini party-of-sorts, with a chocolate cake (not that I need an excuse to eat chocolate cake or anything). Oh and before I forget, the slice in the last picture is for *you* my dear reader.
Anyway, my prelims have started (yesterday) so I’m supposed to be studying these days. Jokes aside, I am scared. I’ve never felt so out-of-touch with my studies. I really need to buck up. So no blogging for me for a week. (I’ll have to recover from the whole NaBloPoMo hangover too, you know!)

Bye for now,