How to dress for a winter that isn’t really wintry.

Get Ready With Me | Tropical Winter Get Ready With Me | Tropical WinterH&M dress // Ray Ban round red mirror gradient sunglasses // Lulu & Sky bomber jacket // Native Apollo Moc sneakers

Photos by Sheila Vaz

I’ve always maintained that hot & cold are very relative terms, at least with respect to the weather. Mumbai (home, for most of the time) & Goa (the ‘native place’ are both on the west coast of India & both have insanely tropical weather – which means lots of humidity, scorching summers, intense monsoons and not much of a winter.

Just because it doesn’t get seriously cold doesn’t mean it isn’t nice. In fact, ‘winters’ in Mumbai & Goa (think early November to mid February, if we’re being generous) are characterised by exceedingly pleasant weather & it’s hands down the best time to explore both places on foot & just generally do stuff outdoors.

Anyway this is just a casual winter daytime outfit I wore last month in Goa. A casual black tshirt dress, sunglasses, comfy sneakers & a bomber jacket in case in gets chilly. Somehow my bare legs can take cold much better than my arms!

I also filmed a Get Ready With Me video taking you all through my winter skincare & makeup routine… you can watch the video below & visit the video page for a full list of the products used.

At the start of 2017, I decided to do a beauty detox which was basically a makeup shopping ban. Part of me was skeptical about doing it because beauty shopping has always been a huge weakness (even if I don’t wear that much) but I’m happy to say I’ve made it through with just one mascara purchase in 2017!

I’m pretty pleased with myself for making it though & I’m looking forward to placing an order for a few things. The whole point of the detox was to break myself out of destructive shopping habits & really think before every purchase.

I am thinking of writing a post about what I learnt so let me know if that’s something you’d like to see! x