I’ve been sharing my favorite places to eat in Bangkok here on the blog, & I couldn’t do this series without mentioning one of my absolute favorites – Sukishi!

Sukishi was a place I discovered completely by chance at about this time last year, on my first solo trip to Bangkok. Of course I’ve made two trips since & no trip of mine is complete without visiting this place.

Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill & Buffet

I was at Siam Discovery mall in the middle of a marathon solo shopping session (the best kind, IMO) & of course mid way through I was tired & hungry. So I headed to the top floor of the mall, which is almost exclusively food outlets. There must be at least 20 different restaurants there, along with a food court with many, many more stalls / kiosks selling different cuisines.

That’s when I ended up noticing Sukishi, which is at a fairly prominent location when you take the escalators up (it’s pretty close to Moomin Café, which I also blogged about).

The place is really really large & always pretty empty… which is definitely not the best for their business (guess there are too many competing places?) but you do get a really calm & peaceful dining experience because of it.

Now let’s get to the best part about this place… the menu! This place has the largest menu with pages upon pages of Korean & Japanese food. There’s salads, rice, ramen, seafood & of course different cuts of meat for barbecuing. It’s also one of the few places I’ve seen Kimbap (which is a Korean dish kinda similar to sushi). There’s also sushi but I didn’t have a very good look at that section because there are two large restaurants on the same floor that have only sushi, I’d rather look at the rarer dishes. There’s also a separate vegetarian section (I’ve had quite a few people bemoan the lack of veggie options in Thailand).

There’s also multiple pages of drinks (hot & cold) & many desserts. But I always prefer savoury food & end up filling up on those with no space for dessert.

The photos below are from our third trip there. We got ebi (shrimp) tempura, dad got a seafood pizza, mom got beef salad – forgot to photograph, but it’s in the vlog. Also berry & lychee slushes all round, of course.

Sukishi Bangkok, Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill at Central World, Magali Eats Out Sukishi Bangkok, Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill at Central World, Magali Eats OutKorean style spicy kimchi noodles with pork.

Sukishi Bangkok, Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill at Central World, Magali Eats OutSukishi Bangkok, Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill at Central World, Magali Eats OutAnd because I forgot to take any photos of us at restaurant, here’s mom, dad & I at the BTS station on our way back to the hostel.

Sukishi Bangkok, Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill at Central World, Magali Eats Out

Our spread at Sukishi from our previous trip. I got Bimbimbap (Korean mixed with veggies & minced pork) along with the ‘set’ that had a bunch of delicious sides & hot green tea. Mom got a salad & smoothie.

The large menu can be somewhat overwhelming (stressful, even? Talk about being spoilt for choice) so they usually have some specials, (picked out from the same menu) in veggie, meat, & seafood options at reduced prices.

The only niggle I have with the place is the language barrier. Thailand is somewhat notorious for not being English friendly but Bangkok has a lot of expats & most businesses are getting better at communicating with non-Thai people. Not Sukishi though. The first time I was there, I had a minor question about what ebi was – sadly not even one person in the big restaurant speaks even the tiniest bit of English, so I dropped the question & I just communicated with smiles & gestures. The menu is in both English & Thai, so I can manage & will continue to go there, but if you have any questions about menu items or any dietary restrictions you’d like to discuss, & you don’t know Thai – you’re fresh out of luck.

Nonetheless I still love this place for quality of food, variety, & pricing. It’s a great places for even larger groups & families (they don’t serve alcohol).

Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill & Buffet, 403 อาคาร Siam Center Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

This is a chain restaurant & there are a few around Bangkok, including one at CentralWorld (Google Maps should be useful) although I’ve only been to the one above.

I hope this food series has whet your appetite for eating out in Bangkok. If you live there or just love visiting (like me!) I’d love your favorite foodie recommendations in the comments below.

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