Been a while since I’ve written a new post for the blog & it feels great to be back! Today we’re going to be talking about skincare which is hands down one of my favorite things to buy, use, & write / film about!

Dot & Key Hydration Range

I was travelling for a bit at the start of the month, which was pretty exciting. But it also meant 10+ hours in flights, & a lot more time spent indoors in temperature controlled (read very cold + very dry) environs, leading to me feeling very dehydrated after.

So this last week has been spent focussing on staying home & getting my hydrations levels back on track, which means a lot of water & good hydrating skincare.

Dot & Key is one of my favorite brands right now – they’re homegrown, have a wide range of products for different face + body concerns, good formulations & great prices! I wrote about their serum lineup a few months ago, & today’s post is going to be about their hydration range.

Dot & Key Water Drench Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum Concentrate

Dot & Key Hydration Range

Hyaluronic acid has been everywhere recently & with good reason. It’s something that’s naturally present in skin – it’s well known for it’s ability to hold on to a thousand times it’s weight in water. Using products formulated with it will ensure that your skin stays plump & well hydrated. The entire water drench range has been formulated with Hyaluronic acid, including this serum which I’ve been using for a while now. If serums aren’t part of your daily routine, I wrote about why serums are important already.

Dot & Key Skin Plumping Moisture Infusion Water Sleeping Mask

Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, Chamomile for soothing properties & Bulgarian Rose for it’s refreshing properties, this is a great night cream that’ll ensure you’ll wake up with well hydrated skin that isn’t overtly shiny or greasy.

Dot & Key Shadow Minimizing Eye Sleeping Mask

As I approach my late twenties, I’ve started noticing the first signs of fine lines in my undereye area. This luxurious gel formulation, this is meant to be an overnight product but I enjoy using it during the day too. It promises to hydrate, as well as tackle puffiness and fade dark circles.

Dot & Key Depuffing Eye Cream Concentrate

A rich eye cream formulated with caffeine and anti oxidants, this is suitable for use during the day or night. This is great for drier skin types & even though I have oilier skin, I go for creams rather than gel for my under eye area. I guess it all boils down to personal preference – gel or cream, whichever works for you as long as you’re taking care of your skin!

While maintaining proper hydration is important all year round, it’s even more imperative during winter months, because even milder winters mean cooler, dry weather which do rob your skin of moisture. Whatever skin type you have, this range will make sure your skin is healthy & happy this winter. x