Over the last few years, awareness about skincare has improved somewhat. We all now know the importance of a good, solid routine for having healthy skin in the long run. But with that, there are also some common mistakes, like using too many harsh products or actives (I’ve been guilty of this) or just using great products that are all wrong for your skin.

A few weeks ago, I attended the Skin Awareness Month get-together by Galderma (the pharmaceutical company behind Cetaphil & Biluma). There was a panel consisting of dermatologists & creators, where we were educated about skin circadian rhythm, reformulated cetaphil products & more.

Let’s talk about Cetaphil

Cetaphil is a globally renowned brand that’s been around for 75 years! They’re also the the number 1 Dermatologist prescribed brand in many countries. Their first product, the Gentle Skin Cleanser was formulated by a pharmacist in 1947 & today their range has expanded to include face & body products., baby care as well as sun protection. Their goal remains the same – to formulate gentle & effective products that strengthen & protect even the most sensitive skin. Cetaphil products now have a new look & an even better formula, they have upgraded their formulation by adding the goodness of Glycerin to  improve Hydration, Niacinamide for Brightening and Panthenol for moisturizing effect.

My Cetaphil Day + Night Routine

I have sensitive skin with acne issues that leans oily most of the year (but is dryer in winter). I have been on a very simple CTM + sun protection routine.

I cleanse with the Oily Skin Cleanser (for Combination to Oily Sensitive skin) which true to it’s name is gentle & non-stripping; a great product if you have a weakened skin moisture barrier.

Next, I tone with the Brightness Refresh toner, which is Non-Sticky, refreshing after feel & fragrance-free.

For the daytime, I follow up with their Moisturising Lotion (for normal to combination sensitive skin) & of course Cetaphil Sun SFP 50+, a lightweight gel sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV protection.

For the nighttime, it’s the same cleanser and toner, but I follow it up with the Bright Healthy Radiance night cream which reveals radiant glowing skin, every morning.

It’s been working very well for my skin & I intend to stick to this for a while.

All about Skin Circadian Rhythm & Biluma

Biluma is a brand from Galderma for anyone that wants to maintain healthy & bright skin throughout their lives. It is a premium, science based range & all products are formulated to be used based on our skin circadian rhythm.

Most of us have heard of our circadian rhythm with regards to our sleep patterns but did you know that it also makes a big difference to our skin?

Skin functions such as temperature & pH balance vary a lot depending on the time of day, and Biluma harnesses that knowledge to create products that will work well with your skin’s natural functions to nourish, brighten, rejuvenate & protect.

The range includes Biluma Advanced Face Wash, Biluma Advanced Day Cream, Biluma Advanced Lotion (to be used on hands and legs) & Biluma Advanced Night Cream.

Another interesting product is the Biluma Advanced Cream for sensitive areas, which is specially formulated to brighten sensitive areas that might have a darker / uneven skin tone such as Underarms, Inner Thighs & Neck. The whole range promises visible results within 21 days.

I’m quite impressed with the products I’ve used & I’ll definitely be exploring more of the range over time.

This post was written in collaboration with Galderma.