The last quarter of the year is my favorite. The weather gets chillier, I listen to Christmas records & sipping on mint hot chocolate – it’s all amazing. But I am getting ahead of myself, this post is about October.

Looking Back | October 2017October was eventful & fun. I finally travelled a bit after few months & achieved some personal goals. Things were quieter in the work front (I didn’t get many blog posts or videos done) but I’ve learnt that it’s ok sometimes.

Both trips this month were really unique. The first one was a little road trip through the Western Ghats with the Google Maps. We stayed at the beautiful Hilton Shillim Retreat & Spa near the Pavana Lake & it was one of the most luxurious & lush resorts I’ve experienced in India! Of course I did vlog the entire experience, you can watch it here.

I then spent little over a week in Goa with mom. We went back & stayed in the ancestral home after maybe 6 or 7 years (I spent a lot of school holidays there!) So it was nice to get that experience again. Life there can be rather slow; but I got to eat a lot of delicious food & fly the drone quite a bit. I already posted a short dronie (shortened for of drone selfie) video on YouTube which shows the house I stayed at. It so interesting to see places I’m so familiar with from a different perspective. I’ll be publishing a couple of vlogs from the trip really soon.


watching… October was the month that Stranger Things 2 finally dropped. I had been looking forward to it for an entire year (I spent around 10 hours playing the Stranger Things iOS game in anticipation). I devoured it over two days in Goa. Now that it’s been over a week since I’ve seen it (twice!) I can definitely say that it didn’t live up to the expectations after season 1, but at least it was kind satisfying to see the characters we fell in love with again, I guess.

I’ve been binge-watching Brooklyn 99 (it’s on Netflix!) again with mom, who’s watching it for the first time. I really do love everything about it, the jokes are hilarious and the characters are diverse, unique & likeable, it sort of makes me miss Parks & Rec though.

listening to… I made my first monthly mixtape! The October Mixtape has just under 30 minutes of chill, ambient, mostly instrumental music that you can relax to or even play in the background while working.

I listened to two albums on repeat this month. Gaia by Axian & Corals by Fujitsu. Both of them are similar in the sense that they’re relaxed, downtempo ambient hip hop with lots of nature sounds. Really can’t recommend them enough.

buying... The Amazon Echo was my biggest October purchase. Preordered it at the start of October & got it towards the end of the month. I did a casual unboxing + first impressions video on it. I’m thinking of filming a full review soon, let me know if you’d like to see that!

October Favorites

As always I also created a monthly favorites video for October. Since the weather has already turned cool (hello, brief Mumbai autumn!), I focussed on some skincare & makeup I’ve been enjoying in the cooler, dryer weather. You can watch it below or on YouTube.

Looking Forward To

Making the most of the delightful November weather, getting back to a regular video schedule, & a relaxing vacation with my family later in the month.

Looking Back | October 2017Did you discover something new in October? What are you looking forward to in November? I’d love to chat with you all in the comments! x