Can you believe that we’re already in the last month of the year? I’m not someone who’s very aware of the passage of time, & I can be slightly disorganised on the whole. But I’m very glad I began this looking back series at the start of the year. Even though it’s on my blog, I feel like it’s more for me than anyone else. It helps reconcile a month gone by & also gets me pumped for the new month ahead. AND WE’RE ALREADY IN DECEMBER! I’m going to address that more at the end of the post.

November in a Nutshell

The first few weeks of November were spent working & catching up. We had just gotten back from our previous Goa trip (where I was largely without internet connectivity!) so work got kind of piled up. It was quite a productive month for videos though. I sat & edited the vlogs from my Goa trip. I was really excited about these because I vlogged around my ancestral home & village, it was a side of Goa that most tourists don’t get to see. Part 1 & Part 2 of the vlogs are now live. I honestly do think that these might be the best vlogs I’ve ever made & the response I’ve received from you all has been overwhelming – in the best possible way!

More Goa Travels

The last part of November was spent on another Goa trip with the fam! Since I’ve started blogging (& then vlogging) over the years, all trips, even though they may appear glamorous usually include a lot of work. This time however, I wanted more of a vacation & kept work to the minimum. For nine days stayed at an amazing villa, spent afternoons soaking in the jacuzzi, walked to & spent time at the beach, ate delicious Goan food & sipped on shandy – pretty perfect if you ask me!

Looking Back | November 2017 |What Magali Wore | Ray Ban Sunglasses, Shivan & Naresh Swimsuit | Mumbai Fashion Blogger | Goa Pool Outfit Looking Back | November 2017 |What Magali Wore | Ray Ban Sunglasses, Shivan & Naresh Swimsuit | Mumbai Fashion Blogger | Goa Pool Outfit

Of course I did get some work done, & you’ll probably see it on the blog & YouTube channel throughout December!

November Favorites

I filmed a monthly favorites video on vacation, sharing my favorite new acne treatment product, a new skincare brand discovery & a great new multi purpose body balm that I’ve been loving for tattoo maintenance / aftercare. You can watch it above or head to the video page for all product details.


watching… The usual TV shows & a lot of Impractical Jokers on vacation. Somehow those idiots never fail to crack me up. In movies, I finally saw Easy A a few days ago & I absolutely loved it! I’m still confused as to why it didn’t achieve Mean Girls-like cult status… maybe not as many quotable lines? It’s on Amazon Prime in India if you’re interested in watching!

listening to… Little of this, little of that. I’ve been listening to this groovy early 70’s instrumental album (I think it’s jazz?) called Accadde a… (it’s Italian & seems to loosely translate to It happened in… or Made In…) Accadde a Bali is my favorite song but they’re all quite interesting (the song about Belfast has a lot of bagpipes!)

In current (pop?) music I’ve really enjoyed Portugal. The Man’s Woodstock album. Of course I discovered it through the hit song Feel It Still but the rest of the album is also really great & my two favorite songs are Easy Tiger & So Young.

Finally, I also made a mixtape featuring some chill instrumental hiphop for the second month running, you can listen to my November Mixtape for free on computers or the soundcloud smartphone app, do check it out!

cooking… I actually did a little bit of cooking this month. There were some experiments with making a popular Indian dessert (you might know what I’m talking about if you watched my Vlune this year. I filmed it so it’ll be on my vlog channel soon. Also did a little bit of deep frying (I’ve never tried it before, it’s always been mom’s domain) & it wasn’t as intimidating as I thought, in fact it was surprisingly fun.

Looking Forward

December is hands down my favorite time of the year & I’m definitely looking forward to festive vibes & playing my favorite Christmas album. I was also feeling really inspired at the end of November so I decided to work a little extra on content this month. If you missed yesterday’s announcement vlog, I’ll be doing at least 10 vlogs, 10 blog posts (right here!) & 5 main channel videos. I chose these particular figures so I could have an extra creative output & still enjoy the month without getting stressed or crazy. I hope you guys will check out the blog regular & share your comments, they make me so happy. Thank you taking the time to read this – I’d love if you could share some things you’re looking forward to in the comments below. Happy Holidays! x