So, I s’pose you’re wondering where I’ve bin all these days.
Well I’ll tell ya mahself.

I’ve voluntarily had completely erratic sleep patterns these days, I’m just so happy with all the freedom. I feel like Atlas, relieved of his burden. My last exam was on the fifteenth. After the exam I (briefly) went shopping with my two best pals, & then got home, after which I sat almost continuously at my computer till past 2 AM. Then I went to sleep, & got up at 2 PM the next day… The other two days have been spent similarly, either playing AOE II, watching old episode of Hercules & Xena & moping around abut how sad I am that Xena is over (My heart really feels broken!) & reading, viciously. I’ve completed one of those lovely ‘Alfred Hitchcock presents’ anthologies- No. 26, Shrouds & Pockets, & started on another one from the same series. And the one story I read yesterday had a lot of Pirate Lingo, which should explain the first two lines of this post! I feel blissful. Oh & I also feel like a lazy bum. So I’ve decided I need to get out of this lazy cycle.
I’m going to do something constructive & catalog all my books.
One of the things mentioned on the list is that I want to catalog all my books, I also plan to post reviews on all the books I read, you have been forewarned! Oh & more on the book cataloging coming tomorrow…