Before I can show you the actual haul, allow me to provide some background on the order.
This is my first ever order from I initially ordered five things- the chunky cross ring (gold), a skinny peace ring (silver), pretty stacking ring set, and the bikini separates (bandeau top & side tie bottom). I placed this particular order on the 7th February & it was dispatched soon (Asos dispatches their orders in an hour!) I was told that my order would be here by 21st February. The 21st came & went, still no parcel. 🙁
I was just thinking about emailing the Asos customer service, when I found that they have a customer service account on twitter too, ASOS Here to Help. I wondered about how much they could help me with the 140 character limit on twitter, but I was wrong. The twitter account is super helpful & very easy if you want to talk to customer service but are too lazy to email them. Anyway, they asked for my order number & I should wait until 8th March (to give some time for postal delays) & if my order still hadn’t arrived I should let them know. I hoped & prayed frantically that it would arrive but it didn’t. So on the 10th March I finally contacted them to let them know. They quickly arranged to have a replacement order sent out, with everything except the skinny peace ring which was out of stock. The amount I paid for the peace ring was refunded to my paypal, & because of new paypal rules I did lose a little money having it transferred to my bank account. Anyway the replacement order was dispatched on the 10th itself via Express shipping & arrived yesterday (the 14th). Just four days! I’m extremely happy with that bit. Anywaayyyy enough rambling, I’m just going to show you what I got now (warning: the photographs are pretty bad, because small, shiny things are hard to photograph!) –

1. Chunky Cross Ring (Gold) – Size Small

This ring was available in both gold toned & silver toned. And a few years ago, I hated gold (both pure gold & gold plated stuff). I found is very old lady like & hated it. Interestingly, I’m interested in vintage dressing now & gold accessories are just the thing to complete the look. Also I think this ring is very ’80s! It’s the small size yet it’s a tad large for me. Oh well, the old wrap-string-around-the-band-trick will have to be employed.

2. Pretty Stacking Ring Set – Size: Medium

I got this stacking ring set for my mom. She just buys me so much expensive stuff all the time that when I was finally buying some stuff on Asos with my own money I wanted to get her a small gift. So I got her this stacking ring set. It has four rings, a cloth (chiffon) flower (with a textured band), a cameo, a pearl (again with a textured band) & a very simple gold ring with the word love etched in it.
To the left you can see a photo of me wearing all four stacking rings on my thumb. The reason I curled my thumb is because I didn’t want my untidy, chipped nail polish to show but that was a total fail because it’s showing anyway!
The rings are very pretty with a vintagey Victorian look to them & I think my mom really liked them.

3. & 4. Asos Swim U-Wire Bandeau top & side tie bottoms – Size: both UK6

I finally got bikini number four! This is my first bandeau (out of my other three, two are triangle string tops while one is halter). I was very excited to get a bandeau because I’m kinda sick of all the string bikinis everywhere. I love that this has removable straps. And you know something about bandeau tops? They aren’t too flattering, especially on small busted girls. But you know what? I somehow feel French when I wear it. teehee.

Now onto the bottoms. It may not look so, but these are skimpiest bottoms I’ve ever owned. And they are unforgiving. I really need to start exercising at least a bit!
Both my parents commented on the fact that I bought a full black bikini. I am not generally a huge fan of black but I thought this was a nice change from all the summery, floral & bright colored ones.

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