I know I haven’t posted for almost all of this vacation, so I’ll just share stuff I did in one rambly post (don’t say I didn’t warn you.)
The plan to do a short post every day just flew out of the window because of my current internet connection. (more on that soon).
Anyway the last few days consisted of two breezers & tequila shots, too much tv, lazing around, etc.
I was watching this show No Ordinary Family (which has been cancelled, btw) & was super surprised to see Lucy Lawless in a recurring role. *squeal*
Also I am very happy that those dumb executives at CBS & ABC have managed to get both AJ & Paget back for the next season of Criminal Minds And also that they let Rachel Nichols go. I feel sorry for her & all, but she just sucked, okay?
I also did watch a ton of Jackie Chan movies. Karate Kid was awesome, but I prefer his campy, dubbed ‘Hong Kong films’ more. I saw New Police Story & Rob-B-Hood
Now after spending two whole weeks in the resort (bliss!!) we are back at our Goa home for some quiet relaxation.
Now, getting back to the internet connection- Tata Photon+. A salesman came to our home a few weeks ago. Of course I am aware that salesmen always make tall claims, but after paying all the money we found out the connection is beyond crappy. That’s when I looked it up on the internet where most users claim it’s crappy, & the customer service is even worse!! We have been using Airtel Broadband at home for the past two years, the speed is decent, it has very little downtime, the customer service is superb. It’s great that we live close to their office too, whenever we complain the engineer is here within 15 minutes.
I am not just ranting here, I just need to tell you that Tata Photon+ is really shitty. I didn’t know anyone who had it before we got ours, so I didn’t know it was this bad. I find it throughly amusing that Tata Photon+ has a ton of ads on Star TV claiming it gots some consumers choice award. All the consumers are dissatisfied. Suspicious, much? Anyway, that’s enough ranting for now. This holiday has been awesome, & I can’t wait to get home in a week.
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