Pabba’s is one of two really famous ice cream parlor’s in Mangalore (the other being Ideal’s). We went there twice.

{banana split; royal falooda; gadbad; vanilla ice cream with gajar halwa}

The first time we went I really wanted to try the banana split (mom got the Falooda). The split was too much for me so I begged & cajoled my mom till she finished it.
The second time mom got gadbad. Gadbad is a hindi slang word that means jumble/confusion/disorder. This preparation got it’s name from the fact that it contains multiple flavors of ice cream, jelly, dry fruits, tutti-fruity & a little milkshake. Fun. Gajar (Carrot) Halwa is an Indian dessert that is served hot. I really like how it tasted with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Though I enjoyed both visits, the second time has sad memories because that’s when the plastic that covers the LCD screen on my 550D got a nasty scratch (it later cracked). It’s under warranty but I’m not sure if this is covered & I’m little scared about how much getting it fixed will cost.


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