I may not be a super brave person; but I’m not scared of many things either. My parents have gone on little trips leaving me alone at home. Most of my friends get freaked out at the thought of it, they’re always used to having someone or the other at home. And everyone asks me if I’m scared being alone. I’m not, I enjoy it immensely. I do confess to leaving a small light on, just so I can see easily if I wake up in the middle of the night.
I was born & raised in this big city, so as crowded as the place is, the fact that I have three neighbors on the same floor as me is comforting. And if I were to scream, someone would hear.
Rural areas always freak me out a little. I can’t really put my finger on why, I think it’s a combination of many things… the wilderness, the fact that houses are so far apart, the very audible creaking of the crickets, etc.

The Home For The Aged that we stayed at in Mangalore was not scary at all in the day time. The residents there had their dinner very early, since there was no way we were having dinner at 6 PM, the kitchen staff packed us a tiffin for dinner. After we were done with that, my mom would clean up/do the dishes while I did the long walk to the kitchen to keep the tiffin back. The hallways were very dimly lit, I could always see the fish tank light at the end of the corridor. (The photo above is very underexposed because I wanted to remember the corridor just as it looked at night.) I always felt a little creeped out during that night walk, but frames of Jesus, Mary & the saints were hung on the walls at regular intervals & I found that quite comforting.
So what scares you? I’m not even talking about smaller things like spiders. What really makes your hair stand?


PS- I know the is completely unrelated, but I’ve just stopped being lazy & re-started posting outfit photos to my style blog. I just posted one I really like, an outfit I wore to an event where I was the photographer as well. Do check it out if you have a minute.

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