It all started with someone retweeting a tweet by Temperance on twitter. And then I had signed up for their BodyMindLife Yoga workshop by Samanta Duggal. I have never actively practiced a sport, & physical activity has reduced a lot since school. (I still often practice the sport that is commuting in Mumbai!) So just because I’m slim doesn’t mean I’m fit, no sireee. Also I’m a very restless person, so I’ve always wanted to practice yoga. And you’d think India being the land of yoga & all that, it’s very easy to do so, but that’s not true; I’ve always been searching for the right place & the right teacher. Temperance is a new creative hub in the heart of Bandra, they have just started up but already have classes in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Dance, Zumba, & Yoga.
The workshop was yesterday, it was Temperance’s first. Temperance is a beautiful complex just behind Rizvi college of Hotel Management. The studio where the workshop was held was on the second floor, it was exactly how I’d ever imagined an ideal yoga workshop to be. French windows on two sides to let a lot of natural light in, mirrors on the other two walls. There was a lot of new foliage planted too, it was very beautiful.
On the workshop itself, it was great. I did struggle with a lot of the asanas, I couldn’t touch my toes or anything. And after a bad experience in Kolkata a few years go, I’m scared of pushy teachers/coaches, but Samanta & the girl assisting (I forgot her name ☹) were helpful without being too pushy, they totally allowed me to sit one asana out when I didn’t feel up for it.
{Samanta Duggal}

The workshop was followed by a healthy vegetarian lunch. I expected simple Indian food, but what we got was practically healthy gourmet. 

The brownie for dessert was my favorite, it was made with flax seed & sweetened with fruits like Banana & Raspberry, no sugar or maida (all purpose flour). It was more like a wet granola bar, or drier muesli than Brownie but delicious nonetheless. They have a deli there opening in maybe 10 days. They are going to be having a sufi whirling workshop next month, & I’m still deciding about whether to go or not, but if it sounds interesting to you, you definitely should go. And you can know about their latest happenings by liking them on facebook.


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