I hardly ever go to the bookstore now-a-days (all book shopping is done online!) but a few days ago I made a trip to one just to buy something special from the Penguin Twenty5 limited edition merchandise range (in celebration of 25 years of Penguin India). They have so much awesome stuff like keychains, luggage tags, mini notebooks, regular notebooks, mugs & postcards.
I got an On The Road keychain, The Guide luggage tag & The Lost Girl mini notebook. I like how I chose all three things with a travel/wanderlust theme (it’s all in the names!) The leather on the keychain & luggage tag is buttery soft. I would have loved to pick up more from this range but these three things were enough spending for a day. I’m hoping to maybe pick up another mini notebook soon.
ETA – Two days after writing this post, I added some more stuff to the collection!
Again I’m excited to have the canvas bag, a cheeky take on Arundhati Roy’s God of Small Things. And I picked up the Lolita mini notebook because I actually have the Penguin classic paperback version of it, it was my first Penguin book. I never finished it though.

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