A couple of weeks ago, when I saw the invite to a Blogger Bonding session with Ronita Italia Dhanu, editor of GoodHomes India magazine, I definitely squealed for a bit before hurriedly typing out my reply- “I would love to be there!” I had met some of the team members at the GoodHomes Loves event & hence knew that not only are they awesome people, they were going to organize one heck of an event.
The lunch took place last Monday at Botticino, the Italian restaurant at Trident, Bandra Kurla (you may seen this instagram photo of my place card in a pear!) (Also, I did an outfit post with what I wore that day on my style blog). It was such a great day- red wine, an absolutely delicious three course Italian lunch & most importantly awesome company. We chatted about our blogs, lives, eco friendly décor & a whole lot more. Why, the memories of that day make me all warm & happy inside.
Sadly I cannot link to the bloggers, I remember faces & stories but I’m not the best with names. I just got the photos from that day in my inbox, I thought I’d share them here.

The table & the awesome goody bags we all got.

(left) Editor, Ronita Italia Dhanu

Not only is Ronita Italia Dhanu smart, she’s one of the sweetest, most amiable people ever. Always making everyone feel at ease.

I wasn’t having the best hair day, & candid photography means I got caught with a repertoire of funny expressions- Do I look goofy or do I look goofy? I’m sharing these for laughs. =)

The toast!

Conversation happening.

Kainaz from Trident & Ronita.

(left) Pear & Pecorino salad

Notice how three of us have our arms in the air in the last three photos? Yes, I can be arbitrary sometimes.
The dessert- Sorbet & Tiramisu. The Tiramisu was SO GOOD but I couldn’t enjoy it properly cause I was so full by then.

All of us.

At the end we were all supposed to get a hotel tour but we skipped it because we were having trouble walking too much with out full bellies & all. I’d love to go back sometime & get that tour.
Thank you to everyone who organized this amazing lunch- Ronita, Seema & Avril from GoodHomes, Rajavi from Foxymoron, & as I’m typing this I’m sure I’ve missed out a few (sorry about that!)
This was undoubtedly the best blogger event I have ever been to. Warm, intimate & overall perfect.


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