After some of the negative stuff mentioned in an earlier post, life has suddenly taken a turn for the better. First my mom found a ton of vintage photos, right from the time I was born (mom was pretty shutter-happy back then! ☺) & then I wore my new rain boots for the first time & got showered with complements (Who knew I could get that much positive feedback with wellies?) & finally I met a cousin after a very long time (at least 6 years!) & it was more fun than I expected.

Today I’m sharing just two Diana Mini photos from last September in Goa. Only two, because after two or three photos taken (on a new roll) the camera jammed up & on forcing the advance know, we heard the film tear. Heartbreaking. But my friend was rather resourceful & managed to save the already exposed film bit. I gave it to the lab & these are the two images I got… the pretty Anushree snacking & me with my famous red jeans.
I leave for Delhi in just two days! I have a backlog of photos to share, so I’ll be scheduling posts for a week so I don’t have to blog after all of the daily roaming around & stuffing my face that I hope will be happening (I’ll still be available via email, & active on twitter & instagram).