The Delhi posts will be chronological, & the first one is all about the journey there. We took the train, which was kind of exciting I passed a lot of really interesting (& new to me) landscapes in Gujarat & Rajasthan, but since we took an airconditioned train, the windows are quite spotty & I couldn’t take photos like I did during our trip to Mangalore. I think I’ll stick to the regular non AC trains from now on, the train was so cold on the way back & I’m a bit feverish today. ☹

The top berth in long distance trains is a fun place to hang out. Music, a nice pair of headphones & a bag full of cameras is all you need! This trip was like a test for my Jo Totes camera bag – It fit three cameras, an additional lens, & a lot of other random things like makeup, etc.
I carried it everywhere & I’m very pleased with it.

आगरे का पेठा : Flavored petha (a candy made from white pumpkin) from Agra bought from a train vendor. I like how colorful this looked. We later bought tastier rose flavored petha from a sweet shop in Delhi, but it didn’t look half as good.  

The first rickshaw ride in Delhi – from the train station to Apartment 18, the luxury service apartments we stayed at (it was wonderful, I’ll be writing more about it very soon). It was fun to watch the area around us change so much, the train station is in a pretty run down & derelict area, but in the one hour ride to the apartments we saw India Gate, many other legislative & diplomatic buildings, very fancy hotels like the Shangri-La & finally reached the apartments in Greater Kailash I, a posh residential area.
Rickshaws in Delhi were similar yet different as compared to Mumbai – the basic shape is same, in Mumbai they’re black & yellow while in Delhi they’re green & yellow. Delhi rickshaws almost never agree to charge by meter though. They fire a ridiculous amount & you really have to bargain.
But the roads in Delhi really are amazing – mostly pothole free & almost no traffic jams.


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