Today I’m reviewing the very famous Bourjois Little Pot Blush is shade #74 Rose Ambre. Well I’ve recently decided that I need to have all of the essentials in make-up. I lost my old blush a while back & didn’t even bother replacing it. I had very specific things I wanted in a blush – it needed to be the perfect shade (which to me is a warm toned peachy-pink) & I wanted it to be matte without any shimmer.
After one fruitless trip to the mall I decided to buy a Bourjois Little Pot Brush, after all I’ve read almost universally good reviews about them. A blog post with swatches helped me choose the shade I wanted – Rose Ambre. This wasn’t easy to get a hold of, but finally after a couple of disappointments I got my hands on it!

Price: Rs 550.
Size: 2.5gms.


Packaging: The Bourjois Little Pot Blush comes in a variety of shades & one of the best thing about them is that the little pot matches the blush. So even if you collect a lot of these, it won’t be hard to find the shade you’re looking for. First thing you’ll notice about this blush is that it’s small! Like seriously tiny – I suppose that would make it easy to carry in your purse. It comes with a mirror & brush. You probably can’t do much with such a tiny mirror but I guess a tiny mirror is better than no mirror, right? The brush is soft but not the best to use for application, I think I’m better off sticking with a regular blush brush. 
Fragrance: All of the little pot blushes are very strongly rose scented. I personally don’t like the fragrance but luckily you can only smell it when you’re applying the blush & not later. 

Lightly swatched & partially blended. I circled in just in case you found it hard to notice.


About the blush: Now that we’ve covered the quirks of the packaging & fragrance, let’s move on to the actual product. It’s very heavily pigmented & has great lasting power even without primer. One swipe in enough for each cheek & I like how it looks after a little bit of blending.  It’s absolutely everything I could have wanted in a blush. I have read some reviewers complain that the blush hardens over time, but I’ve read some others that say it’s not something a brush & a firm hand won’t fix. I’ll just have to wait & see, perhaps I’ll update this review in a year or so.


Update, September 2014: I still have this blush, but as expected (since it is a baked blush) it has hardened almost completely, no amount of forceful swiping with a brush yields any product. I was going to throw it out but one blogger wrote that you can just use the sharp handle of the provided brush to scrape some product & then pick it up & that was an excellent tip! It just doesn’t get much use any more because I’m always doing my makeup in a hurry & don’t really have the extra time to scrape. Plus I have too many alternatives. But overall, even two years down the line it’s still going strong.

✔ Natural-Looking
✔ Very Good Pigmentation
✔ Compact Packaging
✔ Great lasting Power
✘ Rose scented
✘ Annoying brush
Rating: 4.5/5 (I would have given it a full five if not for the fussy packaging & brush)
Will I repurchase? Yes, though this will probably last a while.
This was my first proper makeup review & I hope to do a lot more!