Before I talk about Lauterbrunnen, I’d like to take a minute to talk about zines in general.
I only recently wrapped my head around the concept of a zine & I think it’s fantastic – sort of like a casual experiment in self publishing. A photographer or illustrator publishes a small booklet of their work (usually revolving around a specific theme). It’s always limited edition, never reprinted. It’s a way for a creative person to earn some cash based on their talent (admittedly not much, zines are pretty inexpensive) & for people to support that creative person as well as get something nice to keep. This is not a proper definition, it’s just an explanation based on my understanding so please correct me if I’m wrong.
Ye Rin Mok is a Korean-born photographer currently based in LA. About a year ago I first saw her work on a blog (can’t remember which) & I really fell in love with it. They’re very natural, beautifully composed & stark with a lot of detail to lines & other abstract shapes. The first zine I ever bought a few months ago was by her- titled 28 Pictures, it was a study in the color pink.
lauterbrunnen is her latest zine. It’s named after a municipality in Switzerland, lots of stunning views of the Alps.

The zine is an edition of 100. Mine’s #43.
It comes with this fold-out poster.One of the best things about the zine is that it came with this lovely postcard, with a personal note from the photographer.
I think buying zines is a fun & rewarding thing & I’m definitely going to keep doing it when I come across interesting ones. How about you- Have you ever bought a zine?