Maybelline India recently launched their highly acclaimed lip balms Baby Lips in India. There are a total of seven baby lips available belonging to two groups. Two of them are from the care range, & five are from the color range. I got one of each to review, Anti-Oxidant Berry from Care & Cherry Kiss from Color. To me this comes at a perfect time because even though winter in Mumbai isn’t particularly harsh, even little extra cold plays havoc with my lips, they become dry & sensitive & subsequently every winter I become a lip balm hoarder.

One of the reasons people love Baby Lips is the cute packaging, & I completely agree with it. I love the quirky chubby font used to write Baby Lips on the tube, & the contrasting pastel colors used for the care tube.
My two Baby Lips also came with these cute silicone Pucker Up BABY! keychain, which has a nifty ring made to fit a tube. I think this is a great idea & will be especially useful to help find the tube in your handbag (especially if it gets as messy as mine!)

Now onto the actual lip balms. I’m not going to do separate reviews as the products are rather similar, but I will highlight the differences.

Price: Rs 125 for the Care Range & Rs 150 for the Color Range.

What they promise: Lips have never felt better, thanks to our formula infused with exclusive Botanical Cellular Repair Concentrate. Lips are instantly moisturised for 8 hours, and our active care ingredients deliver moisture, softness, repair and even line reduction while preventive elements like SPF 20 and vitamins combine to make this an exclusive product like no other lip balm on earth!

The main differences between the care & color range is pretty self-explanatory. The care range is more about keeping lips soft & damage free without any color while the color range has some caring elements while providing a tint, too.
The care baby lips has SPF 20 while the color one has SPF 16. Care has no color or tint but gives a slightly glossy look while the Cherry Kiss has a light orangey (coral?) tint.
The claim of it lasting for 8 hour is somewhat far-fetched but it does last a fair amount & I do feel the effects even after it’s faded.
✔ Cute Packaging
✔ Reasonable Price
✔ Contents clearly listed on pack
✔ Doesn’t finish fast
✔ Pleasantly fragranced & not too strong
✘ Weak pigmentation (on the color one)
Rating: 4/5
Will I repurchase? Probably, especially the care range.
Overall I think this is a nice product. It’s nothing phenomenal, but it looks nice, does the job of caring for your lips (especially in winter) & doesn’t break the bank either.


PR Sample. Honest Review.