I’m always on the lookout for fun things to do with my instagram photos. I’ve been meaning to get some prints made to adorn my room but I never got around to it.

When I came across Stickygram it was so exciting, two things I absolutely love (instagram + magents) in one. The order process was very quick – just log in via instagram & choose which nine images you want on your sheet (this step took a while for me because I found it really hard to choose!) & put in your address & payment details.

(note: stickygram has since rebranded to sticky9 & is now defunct, I’ve kept this post for archival purposes!)

The magnets arrived within a week, which is very quick, especially for shipping to India. I like the quality a lot, they’re matte, really well printed & the colors just pop. The only thing I didn’t love about them was the small white border. I don’t use frames on instagram much, but one of my images (the bottom right one of my parents) had an instagram frame & the double border is a little bit annoying.
My mom isn’t really a fridge magnet person but I love magnets. I also love industrial furniture & that’s why I got metal cupboards instead of wardrobes for my room. I have a pretty large postcard collection so I used the magnets to display some of my favorite postcards.

On the pink cupboard – window postcard & origami crane sent by Melly, vintage Rome postcard, floral & cactus postcards by Ye Rin Mok.

On the white cupboard – Buddha greeting card from Hay House, beach postcard from a stall in Goa, Hello postcard from bhane., big cat safari postcard from Lizzlizz, tree postcard by Angie Muldowney.
The magnets may not be of the super-strong variety but they hold up pretty well. They held up my thick postacards easily & did not fall (only the Buddha card needed a stronger magnet because it’s a greeting card.
Overall I liked the quality & price of these & will probably order more sets soon. I think these will make a superb gift for any of your instagram loving friends too.
Stickygram costs $14.99 for a sheet of 9 with free shipping worldwide.