The place that we were staying at in Mangalore had a very large property surrounding it filled with trees (mostly cashew / jackfruit / chikoo). Labour costs have gone up in recent years so getting people to pluck produce & sell it is not very profitable. Most of the things go to waste (which is such a shame, considering this is truly organic produce without the inflated price tags).
The first picture is a tiny fruit that will eventually become a pineapple (& I’m so happy with it because my mom took the photo all on her own, without being prompted! My baby mommy is growing up ;’))The precious Jo Totes camera bag that goes everywhere with me.Can you spot the cashews?My mom getting all excited (she loves cashews).The loot (among the six fruits to the left, the yellow ones are ripe & the green ones are raw). On the right, those are tender cashew nuts that have fallen from the tree before the fruit got a chance to grow.
And finally, a little vine video that sums up this post. It’s so different from instagram because moving pictures! I’m still not sure what to make of it but it sure is fun. Which got me thinking, what do you think about me embedding vine videos into posts on this blog where it’s relevant. Do you think it breaks up / interferes with the flow of things? Let me know. And if you want to follow me on vine, just search for ‘Magali Vaz’ as vine doesn’t really have usernames.
A lot more fun + eventful things happened in Mangalore this year which I will be sharing soon enough.