Are you a fan of scented skincare products? I know I am. In fact, if you’re interested in aromatherapy, you’ll know that very often a scent can be equally important than what actually goes in the product. Citrus makes you feel fresh, rose is sensual & chocolate scented products make you… hungry?
Fruttini is a German brand of skincare, who, lucky for you has just recently entered India. They have a lot of different products in their line. Everything’s divided by the fragrance (flavor)?
The Fruttini gourmet line has Cranberry Choc, Ginger Passionfruit, Cherry Vanilla, Coco Banana, Milky Orange, Raspberry Cream, Peach Pear and the Fruttini Sorbet line Strawberry Starfruit, Lime Mint, Pineapple Prosecco. And in each of these flavors you’ll find many different products like body scrubs, shower gels, lotion sprays & body sprays.
Today I’m reviewing the Fruttini Milky Orange Body Lotion*, a body lotion with a distinct orange-buttermilk fragrance (duh!)
What they say: This irresistible feel-good fragrance cocktail with oranges & buttermilk makes you long for skin which feels fantastic. Moisturising care elements, real almond oil & vitamin E caress & care for the skin.

The lotion comes in a regular flip tube. I like the picture of the oranges on the front but other than that I have nothing special to say about the packaging.

This product has a very strong scent- it says orange buttermilk & though I’ve never tasted flavored buttermilk, I can tell you that this reminds me of orange yoghurt or orange ice cream. It’s quite yummy.
The lotion has quite a liquid-y texture & moisturises without being overtly greasy. It absorbs quite fast so you can give yourself a nice hand massage during the day & get back to typing in a couple of minute. The scent lingers on for quite a while, you should probably see the number of times I’m smelling my hands right now.
✔ Delicious smell
✔ Moisturized without greasiness
✘ Contains parabens
Price: ₹750 for 200ml
Rating: 4/5
Will I Repurchase? I’d love to try a lotion in another flavor, maybe chocolate.
Where to buy? The website has a handy store locator & I’ve some (if not all) of the products available on healthkart.
The body lotion is light but still quite moisturising, ideal for everyday use. If you’re into very edible-smelling products I’d definitely recommend it.