It’s been six months since I last did a tea discovery post. It’s not like I’ve been drinking any less, it’s just I was on a self imposed tea-shopping ban, because there’s no use in buying so much when you aren’t drinking at the same rate.
Basilur Tea is a brand of premium Ceylon tea. I had seem them a lot in the nicer grocery stores, they have some fun packaging (the other day I saw a tin shaped like a hardcover book called the book of tea) that really catches the eye. When I heard about their Four Seasons Tea, I knew it was something I had to try. They have a tea for every season- Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter; & they sent over the first two to try. Both types come either in tins (with loose leaf tea) or tea bags. 
The spring tea comes in a textured floral tin. I know it shouldn’t really matter how the tea is packaged but to me it matters a lot. Tins are perfect for gifting & can be reused anywhere around the house later.The packaging inside was even more delightful, a resealable foil pouch with peonies.A peek inside – don’t forget to take this close to your nose & inhale deeply because it smells so lovely.Brewing it is pretty simple. I used a teapot with an infuser (it’s the Bubble teapot from DAVIDsTEA, previous featured here) but you can use a regular teapot too & strain while pouring or even a tea ball. Just know that you’re never supposed to cook green tea the way us Indians are used to preparing black tea for Masala Chai. Boil the water, turn it off & then make sure it’s sitting for at least 30 seconds to a minute before pouring it over the leaves. Infuse till it’s strong enough for you liking (in my case 3 minutes) & then discard the leaves.Also, please never add milk to green tea! I like mine slightly sweetened with sugar.The tea is very fruity / floral. The main flavor is sakura but it also contains Kiwi, Red Cornflower & Sweet Cherry.
I also got the summer tea in a box. This tea is in bag form, so while it contribute much to tea making as a ritual, it’s very quick & convenient to use when you’re at work or travelling.The Summer tea is pure Ceylon green tea flavored with wild strawberry. This too smells so fruity & lovely.

During one point in summer it got so hot I didn’t want to anywhere near hot drinks. So I tried them both iced too & they tasted just as good if not better. Very light & refreshing.

Green teas is very healthy but if you don’t drink it because you find them too light or bland then I’d recommend you try this. And if you already like fruity or floral teas then you must try them. Everyone has their preference (my mother didn’t like them but she likes only black tea with milk) when it comes to tea so no guarantees that you like this but other than masala chai, these are my new favorites.
You can find more information on all of Basilur’s teas on their website, they offer free shipping across India.