Last week the folks at Grazia magazine invited me for a skin consultation at their Palladium outlet. We could get a skin consultation & snack on some delicious treats too.
Cupcakes from  Le 15.
The sales assistant that attended to me first analysed my skin & then recommended 5 products I should consider adding to my daily skincare routine  & even demonstrated it on my hand. She was like most other Kiehl’s sales assistants I’ve dealt with – smart, well informed & helpful without being too pushy (I know this was an event but I’ve experienced the same when I just walk in to their stores too).Kiehl’s has an extensive range of skincare products available, so to make it easier to choose Grazia put a cheery Grazia Loves tag on the ones that are particularly good.

There’s an article about the event on on the Grazia website (there’s even a picture of me having a very slightly frumpy day, but the event + delicious cupcakes made it a lot better). I’m still in the process of using up the samples & I can’t wait to see the results.