Whether it’s about desert camping under starlit skies, kayaking, sky diving or indulging in scores of aquatic water sports that promise to take your breath away, there is certainly a lot on the cards of adventure enthusiasts in Dubai. Take a look.


Kite-surfing, a popular activity off Umm Suqiem, just below the shadows of the sail-like Burj Al Arab, is a recent attraction for all adventure travellers. Best enjoyed in the period between October and April, this exciting sport allows you countless action opportunities on land, sea and air.


Once you manage to get a firm grip on your nerves, your skydiving stint will offer you a mind blowing visceral view of the city’s man-made landscape. For many, the fun of jumping from a Cessna and jetting down like a lose cannon is the best ways of enjoying the beauty of the city’s many luxury hotels, skyline, sand islands and more.


If hardcore biking on rough terrains is your scene, then you are in the right place indeed. The old animal tracks crisscrossing the Hajar Mountains attract amateur and professional mountain bikers with their labyrinth of trails.

Desert Camping

Just where the city stops, you get to see the desert, which carries on for a long, long way…
In Dubai, there is nothing better than to pack in the https://www.globosurfer.com/best-camping-tarps/  in a 4×4 and start for the nearest lot of dunes. Shwaib on Hatta Road is just a couple of hours away from the city’s heart and attracts travellers with its lures of barbecuing beneath star-lit desert skies. While outdoors, you may like to spend your time practicing dune sports, sand-boarding and exploring the wadi beds/ mountains in the region.

Be certain, be safe

The significance of well researched travel insurance policies cannot be denied –especially if you are travelling on foreign soils or planning to indulge your senses in adventurous activities. So, before setting out for Dubai, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your service provider and invest in an insurance policy that meets your travel requirements to the hilt.
Rock climbing, kayaking, paragliding…….. The list of adventure filled activities in Dubai is endless, and so are the risks. Free your mind from unnecessary troubles with a travel insurance and enjoy!