On Sunday I took my first trip to Pune to be a part of the #FollowTheGenX ride in Pune. The main agenda for the day was to hear about & experience the new GenX Nano Easy Shift AMT.

I never learnt to drive so I couldn’t take the car for a spin myself, so I was just a very enthusiastic passenger on the ride. From a completely driving noob’s perspective though, the car has a lot of nifty features- it’s compact size makes it very easy to manoeuvre, turn & park. Despite that, it’s still vey comfortable inside with a good amount of leg room for the front & back seats. It has a USB Aux IN, Bluetooth for making calls & a very efficient AC as well as improved safety features. The drive also had an interactive aspect wherein people from twitter kept throwing us challenges that we had to complete all while driving through the streets of Pune. Along with the drive, there were also some other great things arranged like a drum circle with Varun Venkit of Taal Inc.

I have a short vlog from the drive above if you’d like to see what it was like! The whole experience has motivated me enough to learn to drive, now to search for a good driving school!