Yesterday I shared what I wore for my flight to Chennai, today I thought I’d share something that made my whole trip a lot easier. Travel & being away from home for long periods is something that has been a constant part of life since I was an infant. So much so that wherever I was became home.

When I was in school & college I was restricted to two trips a year (Diwali & Summer break, of course). But of course, now that I blog / vlog it’s given me opportunities to travel for work as well as the chance to plan & go on long trips at any time of the year! I’ve also done a few solo trips since last year & this involved packing my own stuff, as this is something I always left to my mother before. I usually am reasonably organized when I first pack but I tend to be extremely disorganized on the way back, this usually leads to a lot of sifting through luggage to find something when I’m back which leads to the inevitable panic that I’ve left something behind (which in some cases ends up to be true. I lost a lovely yellow shirt after wearing it just twice on my trip to Munnar!) & sometimes it can also lead to your favorite hair trimming scissors getting confiscated at the airport because you left it in your cabin baggage. Those are two of my more embarrassing stories from my adventures in packing last year, but it isn’t all bad. I’m living & learning, getting better at packing with every single trip!

I’m (unfortunately) a very heavy packer. Since my personal trips tend to be upwards of ten days long, the amount of luggage can really pile on. But it’s only recently that I’ve discovered luggage that can actually make you travel smoother. My recent trip to Chennai & Pondicherry was 14 days long & it involved moving three times. It was also my first time I got to test drive the new Samsonite Vox. They understand that it’s easy enough to pack neatly for a trip, but it’s not so easy to keep everything neat while you’re on said trip. Which is why they’ve come up a smart interior system.

The Samsonite Vox suitcase is available in two colors & three different sizes. I went with the largest size (78 cms) because I knew I wanted to take advantage of the smart interiors by fitting in the maximum amount of things!

Samsonite Vox SuitcaseThe Vox line is soft sided & the smaller size even has a padded laptop compartment. For the large size, I appreciated that the two smaller packing cubes have a mesh top so it’s easy to see what’s inside. This is what my suitcase looked on the way back from my fortnight long vacation. Toiletries, clothing, undergarments & of course shopping / gifts all neatly arranged. That rod on the top is the monopod I sometimes use while shooting videos.

Samsonite Vox SuitcaseThe suitcase also comes with a removable wrinkle resistant folding board, to ensure shirts are folded the same size, I didn’t use it much but I imagine it’ll be a very useful addition for business travellers.

Samsonite Vox SuitcaseThere are two compartments inside the lid, a waterproof shoe compartment that opens from the outside, this can also be used to store dirty laundry. And a mesh zipper compartment that opens from the inside.

All sizes also have a TSA-safe lock!

Samsonite Vox SuitcaseThe Samsonite Vox is also light, has smooth zips (often overlooked but so important!), four 360° spinner wheels & handles on two sides.

I feel like most people who blog or talk about travel only (me included) only talk about the good side, not when you’re just out of the shower in a hotel room at 8 in the morning trying to find that one top you wanted to wear today. And having the Samsonite Vox suitcase with me on this trip greatly minimised those type of moments & made living out of a suitcase more tolerable, pleasant even! x