Cakes are the most loved desserts and the mainstay of life’s milestones it celebrates such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to name a few. There was a time when for every celebration, cakes were baked at home but nowadays, since people are stuck in busy schedules people prefer to order cakes online. However, people are tired of the usual plain and boring flavours of cake. In this blog we have covered some amazing flavours of cakes which will make you fall in love with it.

White Chocolate Lemon Blueberry Cake

It is classic vanilla bean cake which has deeply embedded real blueberries which enhances the taste of the cakes. It comes with white chocolate frosting which makes it incredible delight for all the cake lovers.

Black Forest Cakes

Everybody might have tasted the Black Forest Cake but not the traditional one. The traditional Black Forest Cakes have three layer soaked in Kirsch and comes topped with whipped cream frosting. It is delectably topped with red cherries also dipped in Kirsch water to give it an authentic flavour. Although it is quite easy to get an online cake delivery of Black Forest Cakes but it is hard to find an authentic one.

Red Velvet Cake

Once you have get your hands on authentic Red Velvet Cakes, there is absolutely no looking back. The craze for Red Velvet Cake was born out of Adam Extract Company which is known to have had the original recipe of the classic Red Velvet Cakes.Give a dramatic look to any celebration with its bright red color being contrasted with the white cream cheese frosting.

Coconut Layer Cake

This moist looking cake will definitely be a star for any occasion. Some people are satiated with just two layers and others look for four and six layer layers. Depending on whatever preference you have that extra layer can always serve as a delightful snack. This is a sure shot hit among the coconut lovers as it is topped with sweetened flaked coconut.

Designer Fondant Cakes

You can be creative with these fondant cakes which comes in innovative designs and fondant moulds. Your guests will be totally surprised with the different shapes, textures and designs which are hard to find. The creative design is what makes the cake more appealing.   

These are some of the irresistible cakes that we could find, however, the quest for more and more delectable cake never ends. You can send these online cakes with a simple click of the mouse to a destination of your choice.