Discover why booking with a tour agency for your trip around China can introduce you to some undiscovered gems.

When you are travelling, you want to immerse yourself in the culture and country you are visiting fully. It’s not enough to be passing by, staying in five star hotels, eating from restaurants with Western options, and shopping in flashy malls with designer labels. If you want all of the thrills and authentic adventures travelling has to offer, you are going to want to go off the beaten track every once in a while.

Choosing a tour company around China that helps you do this with ease and at a reasonable price is key to enjoying you’re travelling experience. Many tour companies these days offer all the big tours they know everyone wants. It’s sad that they forget about the more remote experiences that still offer a wealth of beauty and a unique glimpse into life in China.

This is why The China Travel Company UK are unique in their offering and go the extra mile to create tailored and authentic experiences for their explorers. You won’t just get the average destinations where you will get heaps upon heaps of travellers, you get much more. This is what really separates them from the other tour agencies out there. How do they do this?

Let’s find out…

They offer tailored tours

This means you get a significant amount of input into where you want to go and how you want to travel. Having a tour personalised to your desires makes a huge difference and allows you to see everything you want and more.

They offer ‘off the beaten track’ tours

There are plenty of places that are relatively unheard of outside of China but still reveal stunning sights and heaps of history and culture. For example, if you are interested in the Chinese War history you will enjoy meeting the Terra Cotta Army found in Xian. Check here to discover one of the world’s most famous warriors and their horses. These life-sized figures are sure to amaze with their diverse facial expressions and life-like characteristics.

Specialist tours are available

You will never miss a renowned seasonal event. In China, there are many celebrated and important observations and holidays. To get fully immersed into the Chinese way of life, booking a tour when an event is on will give you a glimpse into the celebrations.

Now you can see why booking a China tour company can give you an up-close view into the more undiscovered parts of the beautiful country. Unlike what you might have thought, booking an agency tour can open your eyes to the less explored side of China so you get a more authentic travel experience. Sure, there are plenty of amazing tourist spots where you must visit but nothing quite beats veering off the track onto lesser travelled pastures as it were.