History already proved that the little black dress is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Be it long and classy, short and casual, a black dress can save you from any challenging situation when you need to look dazzling, but have little time and ideas to buy or create an appropriate outfit. The black dress is usually associated with black heels and a few pieces of jewelry to turn you into a real carpet diva, and you will never go wrong with this type of attire.

Contemporary fashion goes beyond fancy parties and movie premieres when it comes to the ageless little black dress. Women of today wear their black dresses in office environments and casual, street-smart occasions. If you feel your black dress – black heels attire is a bit bland and too demure, we have an offer you can’t refuse: let’s take a look together at four unusual ways to style up a black dress and pull off some amazing outfits to fit any event or occasion.

1. Denim and Sneakers for a Casual Look

You may have a casual date, or you may be planning a girls’ night out. Think about your little black dress outside the box of fancy events and cocktail parties. A slim fit black dress goes insanely well with a denim jacket and a pair of comfortable colored sneakers to make you look like a fashion icon, no matter what the seasonal fashion trends dictate.

The trick here is that you wear timeless pieces that make a killer combo: denim is an evergreen fashion staple while the black dresses and sneakers are ageless. You can rock any late evening dinner with friends and every summer garden party with this attire, looking forever young and fresh.

2. Black Hats for Versatile Looks

Many consider that hats are a thing of the past, but you’d be surprised how fashionable they are and will be from here on end. A wide rim straw black hat goes great with a black slip dress or a slim fitted one, no matter if you are on vacation or spending a summer day out shopping with your girlfriends. There is something ageless and gorgeous about hats, so if you want to stand out of the crowd, match your little black dress with a straw hat for summer, a boyfriend fedora for a glamorous look in spring and fall or a timeless panama for a romantic and bohemian venture in a new city.

3. Pearls and Precious Fabrics for Retro Looks

little black dress

Pearls will never go out of fashion and will always be highly appraised and complimented. Veritable head-turners, pearls make incredible jewelry pieces which beg for black dresses in any lengths and designs. White pearls and black evening gowns make a classic Audrey Hepburn vintage look, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, go at least one step further. Style up your little black dress with a black pearl necklace in white gold finishing, lace and silk gloves, a veiled coil hat or a Victorian-inspired top hat or a corset dress even.

You will never look more smashing, and you will never feel more fashionable and elegant. Pearls also make a wise investment, so learn everything you can about them and the hundreds of ways to wear them.

4. Statement Jewelry for a Street-Smart Look

little black dress

Do you know what is better than a simple black dress? A simple black dress turned fashion statement with the help of flashy jewelry. Pile up bracelets and necklaces, layer up gems, beads, crystals, metals, and stones for a dazzling effect. People may frown upon this look if you feature it during work days, but they will applaud you if you pull it off at parties, social events, club night outs, and hot dates.

Stacking up bracelets, rings and necklaces is an art in and out of itself, but you can pick up a few tips here and there to give your little black dress a glamorous kick. The best part of this street-smart, flashy statement attire is that you can sport it during the day, as a casual chic outfit for a sensational shopping session with your girls, and also during the night, as a pair of heels and a black clutch will take you everywhere from concerts to new restaurant openings.

Do you have other ideas on how to unusually style up your little black dress? What else do you use together with your black dress to boost your looks and feminine charm?