From Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj, Diwali is a five day long celebration of lots of lights, fun and family time. But who has a month for preparations of the festival? This is my routine that got me set for Diwali!

Cleanliness is godliness!  

We may never clean our house. But on Diwali every nook and corner of the house needs to be clean. Absolutely clean! So, that’s what we did, and boy was it exhausting. I can still see imaginary cobwebs and they give me the creeps! 

Everybody is an interior decorator 

From letting down beautiful LED lights, putting fragrant marigolds on the door, I got down to making the most time taking ritual of making a beautiful rangoli. On Diwali, everybody’s decor skills come out shining bright and so did mine.

Spending money was never so much fun! 

What’s Diwali without shopping? The never ending list of lamps, Laxmi-Ganesh idols, clothes, gifts, decor, and crockery just never ends. On Diwali, you don’t only shop for yourself but there is a huge list of all the people you need to give gifts to. This day often includes checking out amazing online Diwali offers, and this time around I found some crazy deals on Amazon! 

Delicacy hai to Diwali hai!

Diwali is the festival not only of lights but also of guests. Along with the nuts and cashew, one has to has to think of all that high-fat food to cook (and gorge on)! 

Thank goodness for moms and Google!

Wrapping up the Diwali mess with a specialist solution

While Diwali was definitely awesome fun but it also came with a huge dump of clean up to be done with all the left-over food and overflow of gifts!

I’ll be honest about this. What helped me most is LAL HIT. My Diwali feast was completely safe from germs spread by cockroaches. Thanks to LAL HIT. But even when I had to pack up all the left over mithai and yummies, I managed to clean the corners of my kitchen with LAL HIT and it’s ‘Deep Reach Nozzle’.
Earlier cockroaches used to escape from my regular cleaning by hiding in hard to reach corners like under the shelves, between the hinges, cracks, crevices, in the sink, below the gas cylinder and other dark corners. 
This year I applied it well in my kitchen cleaning before and after the festival. It was easy as it comes with a ‘Deep Reach Nozzle’ and I applied it at each point before rearranging cleaned items into the kitchen. And to my surprise and great relief, all the hidden cockroaches were gone.

While Diwali cleaning was a lot more easier this year but I have promised myself that I am going to continue to apply LAL HIT each time I deep clean my kitchen ( I usually do it once or twice a month, unless I get lazy! ). This is going to be my mantra to keep the kitchen hygienic and safe & pest free.
Btw if you didn’t know, Cockroaches are one of the biggest reasons for causing diseases like food poisoning & I definitely want that to be at bay.

Hope this article helped. I know there are many like me out there wanting to do the best for their home cleaning. Well here is an easy, effective & specialized solution.



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