Giving my living space a fresh look & feel, thanks to the easy tutorials on Beautiful Homes, India’s newest & freshest online-only décor magazine.

Over the years, I’ve used this space to document my many obsessions with home decor being one of the major ones. Over the years, I’ve spent hours looking at inspirational interiors & simple home improvement projects on various international blogs (& pinning them on my home & workspace pinterest boards, of course!). It was good to look at but hard to implement, mainly because a lot of the materials available in any hardware store abroad may be hard to come by here, or the things shown weren’t really practical for the Mumbai climate. Hence I couldn’t really relate or adapt many of those projects to my home.

Enter BeautifulHomes.c0m. A newly launched online magazine, they’re dedicated to helping you make your home look better. The website is easy to navigate & they have many different sections, right from home tours & studio tours of some beautiful Indian & International spaces (everything from an artsy eclectic South Mumbai home to a classic Delhi townhouse) to simple articles that help you care for or refresh your current space. The How-To section ended up being my favorite, because there were some really simple & useful projects like How to Do Up Rented Apartments to How to Care for Exposed Brick Walls (always been #wallgoals, and a concrete flooring too of course!)

My home is due for a renovation early next year, so I decided to give my space a quick, refresh without too much of a commitment. I really liked the Enhance Your Space with Plants post.

Urban Jungle

Plants not only look good & give your space an earthy vibe but they also serve as a natural air filter, with our city pollution reaching absolutely alarming levels, I think it’s definitely the need of the hour. The article lists many innovative ways you can use plants as decor, instead of a statement lamp for example, or centrepieces!Urban Jungle

I’m definitely not a a natural with plants – I probably have the opposite of a green thumb & despite my best intentions, I’ve killed every plant I bought home prior to this. But I’m giving in another try, with hardy snake plants (that are very difficult to kill) & a small terrarium which doesn’t need much maintenance either.

The plants have definitely brought new life into my space & I’m definitely looking to take up more simple projects from the Beautiful Homes website in the future! x