Nowadays, all students face the dilemma whether to write the essay by themselves or use online writing services. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to use help of the writing company, such as, you will get a high-quality paperwork in the short term. Meanwhile, you will have to pay money. The second option – writing the essay by yourselves – requires more time, but you will improve your knowledge of the subject and save some money. Choosing the second option, you must be ready to take responsibility for your work and have enough time and skills to complete it. For this reason, let’s review some secret technique that will help you to save some time and avoid common mistakes.

When you decide to write the essay, the first step is to determine the type of the essay. The scientific community highlights four main types of essay, including the expository, descriptive, analytical, and argumentative. Each type of the paperwork has its unique features and requirements. For instance, if you need to write the descriptive one, you should appeal to the reader’s imagination and use emotions, feeling, senses, etc. Meanwhile, the argumentative essay (is also known as the persuasive one) is based on evidence and facts.

Secret techniques of argumentative essay writing

  1. Collect evidence. As it was mentioned earlier, evidence are crucial elements of the argumentative essay. However, you should carefully collect and choose your evidence. First, they must be reliable. Don’t use unverified sources, like blog pages, social media posts, etc. For example, the best way to collect appropriate data is to use publications of famous scientists, visit state statistical websites, read official reports, and other. Second, your data should prove your theory, but not refute it.
  2. Clear transition between paragraphs. Each paragraph, as well the entire essay, must have a clear introduction, evidence and their analysis in the body, and conclusions that lead to the next paragraph. Also, note, one paragraph must include only one idea. Don’t confuse your readers.
  3. Choose the appropriate topic. If you have an opportunity to select the topic, you should choose the most interesting one for you. It is much easier to write about familiar subjects than discover the new matters. For instance, if you are interested in video games, you may choose the “Should the computer games be used to teach students in schools?”
  4. No new ideas in the conclusion. The majority of newbies make the similar mistake; they try to include as many ideas as possible in the conclusion. However, if you didn’t research them in your body paragraphs and didn’t provide evidence, they should not be mentioned.
  5. Check for grammar errors and plagiarism. Don’t let grammar mistakes and plagiarism to spoil your paperwork.

These recommendations will help you to write a high-quality persuasive essay. However, if you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can always choose the first option and use online help. Our company is always ready to assist with the most complicated tasks. All you need is to contact us. After we confirm the necessary information, such as the topic, requirements, etc., our professional authors will write you an outstanding argumentative essay. x