One of the biggest struggles in a working woman’s life is maintaining a perfect balance between work and domestic life. She is expected to make both ends meet like a pro while being extra smart at the same time. From managing the kitchen every morning to making sure she reaches work on time, she has to do it all. Not only the kitchen, but all other daily household jobs rest on the shoulders of women (well, almost!) which makes it necessary for them to make smart choices when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. We list some must-haves in the modern kitchen of a working woman that will make her everyday life easier. Take a look!

A Simple Electric Blender

Electric blenders are simply a blessing for working women. They effortlessly handle common and time taking kitchen tasks including ice crushing, dosa batter preparation and more. Also, they take the strain off your shoulders and get the job done in minutes. Depending on what your cooking needs are, you can make use of the speed control switch. The single jar for both wet and dry grinding makes preparation easy even when you are preparing a meal for more than two people.

A Fast Coffee Machine

Early morning, when you are in a hurry to get ready, prepare food and reach work on time, wasting some precious time standing in front of the stove to make a refreshing cup of coffee becomes out of the question. Bring home an automatic coffee machine that will effectively share the load and will make you and your family super-ready for the day ahead. Having a brewing machine would mean that you are never stepping out of the house without drinking a cup of your favourite refreshing coffee.

An Induction/Electric Cooktop

With electricity rates reaching the sky, owning an energy-efficient induction cooktop will surely be a smart move. Versatile enough to help simplify daily cooking, an induction cooktop can be easily used by all members of the family without you having to worry about their safety. In addition, it makes cooking easy and less time taking. So, bring home an induction cooker to give all your cooking problems a smart and an energy-efficient solution.

A Cold Pressed Juicer

Unlike other juicers available in the market, a cold pressed juicer uses a low-speed squeezing technique that helps retain the original and natural flavour of the fruit, thus maintaining the taste and health. Also, they usually come with a big inlet that allows to put bigger pieces of fruits which results in saving time and less manual work. With a cold pressed juicer in your kitchen, you can be always sure of your family’s health. Plus, the fast extraction technique saves time.

A Microwave Oven

Super easy to clean and maintain, a microwave oven would become your best friend within a few days. Perfect for reheating food and defrosting dishes stored in the fridge, a microwave saves time and offers uniform heating. Whether you are reheating a pizza or calzones the inside out heating technology would make you a fan of this amazing appliance.

Technology has simply taken over the world. Modern gadgets and appliances can be seen everywhere. The trend of only women taking care of the kitchen has taken a back seat. When it comes to owning smart appliances like an induction cooktop, a coffee brewing machine, or an electric blender Indian homes have adapted them really well. Top Indian healthcare products company like KENT also offer some amazing appliances infused with technology, have advanced safety features and are reasonably priced as well.