Buying a new home is an exciting time in anyone’s life, and during this time, it’s not unusual for friends and family to deliver housewarming gifts to the new homeowner. If you have a friend or family member who has just purchased a new home and you want to give them something special and unique, then there’s no need to sit there wracking your brain as we’ve got a number of great ideas you can use.

Add a Little Greenery

When it comes to gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with, greenery is usually a great option. You can either purchase a plant, bush, or flowers for their outdoor garden, or purchase a houseplant for the home. What makes this such a great gift is that it is lasting, it doesn’t just die after a week or two. This means that years from now they can still look back at that flower, or bush and remember who gave it to them and when.

Something for the Foodie

If you happen to know that the friend or family member who has just bought the new house is a foodie, then that opens a door to all kinds of fabulous ideas. You can purchase a high quality olive oil, a trendy cookbook, a personalized cutting board, a selection of high quality cheeses and crackers, gourmet salts, or perhaps sweet jams and jellies.

Plush Throw Blanket – Add Warmth and Comfort

You don’t have to know the person’s tastes in order to pick up a neutral toned plush throw blanket. These are wonderful in living rooms, bedrooms, and recreational spaces. Choose colors such as soft gray, beige, chocolate brown, and cream so that the throw matches a variety of décor. Depending on your budget, you may also want to include a decorative pillow that matches the blanket.

New Neighbors – Send a Dinner Invitation

Sometimes you may actually be wanting to send a housewarming gift to someone you don’t know as of yet. Perhaps you have a new neighbor and you’re looking for that perfect way to introduce yourself. A welcome basket is always a great gift. You can fill it with a few tasty treats, a bottle of wine, and top it off with a dinner invitation at your own home. This is a great way to get to know your new neighbor.

To keep the basket looking unique, you can even use the Spark Adobe printable gift certificate tool in order to create a “free dinner” gift card for the recipient. It adds some fun and humor to the invitation, and acts as a wonderful icebreaker.

Make the Experience Even More Special

No matter how simple and small a housewarming gift is, it’s a wonderful gesture that helps make the experience of moving into a new home even more special and memorable. Even if you don’t know the person’s taste or decorating style, there are still plenty of ideas to choose from. x