How you choose to decorate your home is more than just adding attractive colors to your walls and interesting trinkets around your house. In reality, how you decorate can actually impact your subconscious. According to reporting from Freshome, the design choices you make can affect your emotions and perceptions.

One way design impacts us is the colors we use; a blue room can make you feel calm and relaxed while red can make you feel energized and strong. But adding in your own signature style can also make your home look and feel more like you and make you feel more engaged and anchored. From the way you tackle your decorating challenges to the lighting you use, here’s how to transform your decor to feel more like you.

Take a DIY approach

There’s no better way to show off your true self than tackling your home projects on your own. Whether you’re creating a mosaic table your entryway or recovering an antique chair with your modern fabric, you can add all the personalized care and love in your home with your own hands. If you’re looking for a smaller project to start with, consider re-potting plants into colorful planters or putting together a terrarium.

Illuminate your style

Strategizing the lighting can bring more personality and creativity in your home without breaking the bank. Start with a smart bulb like Philips Hue that can create a color scheme based on your favorite colors, like the ones found in the sunset photo from your last vacation. Next, add the right light fixture that goes beyond the standard lamp or overhead light.

Mix and match fabric

Instead of agonizing over which patterns and fabrics to choose, you can blend them together instead. Going eclectic combines your favorite look in one place. Start in your bedroom with textured throw pillows and quilts coupled with patterned sheets and throw rugs, suggests Your living area is also a good place to combine bold throw pillows, shag rugs and textile wall art to transform it into a unique entertaining area.

Add more Artwork

Your artwork is a window into your creative side and should be showcased in your home. Skip the generic artwork from the department store and source unique paintings, pottery and photos from antique stores and garage sales. If you’ve got a creative streak of your own, display it on the wall for all to see. Take old frames and spray in cobalt blue lacquer or gold for flair. Add your favorite photographs, a wall sign from Neon Mama, or some travel postcards and turn them into a work of art.

Put your Hobbies on display

There’s no need to put your hobbies in a box or tuck away in a closet until you have time to work on them. Whether you’re a shutterbug or learning to play an instrument, put your interests on full display throughout your home. You can go big in a single room like the den or opt for understated with a peppering of your favorite items throughout the entire house.

Remember that your home is a reflection of you, and likely the place you spend the most time. Make the effort to put your whole heart into it to make it look more like you.