When traveling on an airplane, you want to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. If flying long haul, it is important to get as much sleep in as you can, so you can feel refreshed and ready when landing. Here are some ways on how to stop yourself snoring on an airplane.

Over the Counter Solutions

There is a variety of over the counter products that you can purchase, which could help you stop snoring on an airplane. Using breathe right strips can be incredibly effective and help you sleep safe and sound when flying, and without causing any nuisance to other passengers. Simply place the strips over the bridge of your nose, which will help open your nasal passages, allowing you to breathe and relax without any possibility of snoring. There is a range of stop snoring devices available that could be of use to you.

Staying Hydrated

An airplane cabin is full of recycled and dry air that can quickly dry out a person’s nasal passage. When this occurs, your snoring is likely to be worse. Make sure that you drink as many fluids as you can before boarding, and during your flight, to help reduce any snoring. Also, steer clear of alcoholic fluids, as they will make your snoring worse. Staying hydrated is proven to help reduce snoring.

Keeping Your Head Elevated

Keeping your head from drooping can be another way to help combat snoring when on an airplane. However, with airline seats being incredibly cramped, it is not always easy to do this. The product you will need to purchase to help is an anti-snoring pillow. The device is easy to inflate and will fit loosely around your neck. The anti-snoring pillow will allow you to get better sleep and help you relax. You can also carry the item in your hand luggage, making it easy to pack.

Do Not Recline

If you keep your head elevated throughout the flight, this will help reduce any snoring. Whilst it may be tempting to recline your seat to feel more comfortable, you will be at a higher risk of snoring, which could cause disruption to other passengers. When reclining, your tongue may fall back, which can partially block your nasal passages, meaning you are more likely to snore. Although you may not want to sit upright for the whole journey, you will need to factor in the consequences reclining can bring regarding snoring.

Staying Awake

stop snoring on flights

If you feel that any of the tips listed will do you no good, the last resort you have is to stay awake throughout the whole flight. You can bring a range of reading materials that can provide you with entertainment and keep you busy throughout the journey. You may also feel calm and relaxed when other passengers are asleep, which can help you feel more comfortable throughout the flight.

There are a variety of measures that you can take before traveling that can help you stop snoring and get some sleep when flying. Make sure to try out as many ways as you can before you fly, so you can have a plan in place and not cause any disruption to other passengers on the airplane.