Relaxing isn’t something we can all automatically enjoy. There always seems to be so many others things that need to be done, and we’re all so busy that taking the time to relax isn’t often at the forefront of our minds.

It should be, however.

Making time to really relax when things are getting on top of you, or you’re tired, or you just need a break will actually help you to do better and be more productive when you return to the task you were attempting when you began to feel exhausted.

Learning how to relax is something we should all try to do, and the good news is that there are many different ways that we can enjoy our downtime and come out feeling better on the other side.

Get A Massage

A massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress and relax more. When we are tense and worried or feeling overwhelmed, our muscles become knotted and hard. This means they don’t function as well as they should, and it becomes difficult for blood and oxygen to pass through them. It is much easier to become injured because of this. A massage will release the tension in your muscles, making them work properly again.

Not only that, but massages produce serotonin within your body, and this hormone is responsible for positivity and de-stressing. It combats the effects of cortisol, known as the stress hormone.

Plus, if you are in pain, a massage can help to make you feel better too. So a massage should certainly be high on your list if you want to feel more relaxed!


To begin with, meditation is not the easiest of tools at your disposal when it comes to relaxation, but once you master it (or even start to use it at least a little), it becomes a much simpler process that can make a huge difference in your life for very many reasons.

Meditation involves completely ‘zoning out’ and focusing solely on one thought or perhaps just your breathing in and out. If you aren’t thinking about the things that are worrying you, their impact will become much smaller. Your body can de-stress and relax and so can your mind, and together this is a powerful feeling that will make you feel good and happy. The more you meditate, the more relaxed you will be, and what’s really interesting about this is that it only needs to be done for 10 minutes each day to make a real impact.


Exercising is another great way to relax if you enjoy sports. In fact, even if you think you don’t enjoy them, you might discover a new found love for them when you understand how good – and relaxed – sports and regular exercise can make you feel.

Although you may feel that working up a sweat and running around is far from relaxing, your body thinks otherwise. When you are concentrating on exercising, your mind is not worrying about other things (much like when you meditate). This means that you immediately feel more relaxed. Plus ‘happy hormones’ are released through your body, adding to that euphoric feeling.

As a bonus, you will get fitter and healthier too.

Binge On A Boxset

Watching TV too much is not good for you. However, when you want to relax, binging on a boxset of great TV every now and then can have a wonderfully restorative effect. It’s a chance to do something you enjoy. Add some snacks and drinks and perhaps a warm blanket to snuggle under, and you can have a brilliant day catching up on your favorite show.

With so much technology around, it’s easy to find something to watch on any device you own, from your TV to your smartphone. You can learn to install Kodi on Firestick quickly to make the experience even better with the ability to record and pause live TV, download shows, and even create your own skins.

Enjoy A Hot Bath

Have you ever noticed that, after a stressful day, you crave a long soak in the tub? That’s because water has a calming effect, and the longer you soak, the better you feel. Your muscles will relax, and aches and pains will diminish. It all means that you will feel a lot more relaxed when you step out of the water.

Add some scented candles and bath oils to make the most of your bathing time. Your skin will feel soft and smooth, and the candles will mean your sense of smell is awakened. Pick the right scent, and you can be transported back to a happy childhood or another memory that makes you smile and relaxes you completely.