Home to Kangaroos, Australia is very famous for its beautiful open spaces and beaches. It is a very sophisticated country with its attractions of large cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Do you think knowing this is enough? No! Australia has much more for you to explore. Plan a vacation to another part of the globe where natural wonders will mesmerize you and make your holiday accomplished.

The best time to visit Australia is September to November and March to May. The air fare from India to Sydney will cost you close to Rs.23,000/-.

Australia Travel Guide for Indian Travellers

Do Indians need a visa to travel to Australia?

Yes, Indians who need to visit Australia for vacation needs to apply for a tourist visa subclass 600. You should know there is no visa-on-arrival for Indian citizens to enter Australia. 

Is Travel Insurance mandatory in Australia?

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for Australia but traveling with one on your international trips is a much safer option. You can compare and buy a travel insurance online. A $100,000 travel insurance plan for Australia for 2 adults for 7 days will cost you less than 600 INR.

It helps you with medical emergencies or urgent evacuations, loss of luggage, passport or cash. When in Australia, trying adventure water sports is a must and you can go fearlessly for it. Your Travel Insurance policy is helpful in covering adventure activities also.

Things to carry when traveling to Australia

Here is the list of things you should pack when traveling to Australia

  1. Swimmers or costume, waterproof Jackets, Clothes: You should pack considering the weather and water sport you may indulge in. 
  2. Cosmetics like Sun-screen creams: Sun bathing and watersports can tan your skin. Carry sun-screen to save your skin.
  3. Cash or cards, Passport, Australia Travel Insurance, Travel Itinerary, Identity Proofs: Keep important documents with you to travel hassle-free. You may need either of these documents during your trip.
  4. Extra batteries and chargers for all your electronic gadgets like cameras, phones, etc.: Photographs is the way you collect memories of your trip. Make sure you keep extra batteries and chargers for your camera and phone.

Things to do in Australia: 5 days tour to Australia

Day 1 Coastal Metropolis Sydney

Once you arrive at Sydney check in your hotel and relax. Start your day visiting the city’s best attractions by taking a walk. You can start with a village The Rock which is just underneath the Sydney Harbor Bridge. On your way, you can see many historical buildings and cobblestone laneways. After this, you can take a ferry for 30 minutes ride to Manly Beach. Grab your lunch at the Manly Wharf Hotel. Take a walk on the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Day 2: Trip to the Blue Mountains

Take a 2 hours train from Sydney’s Central Station to visit the Blue Mountains. You can get down at Katoomba and walk for just 10 minutes to see the spectacular sandstone towers called Three sisters. You can then take 45 minutes to walk for Jamison Valley.

Day 3: Road Trip to the Legendary Pacific Coast

Australia is famous for road tripping. Hire a car and head towards north on the legendary Pacific Coast. The first stop will be Australian Reptile Park where you would see the world’s most dangerous snakes. Make a move and stop by the Emerald Beach where not only humans but Kangaroos also come to enjoy the waves. Stay at Coff Harbors for the night.

Day 4: The Big Banana at Coffs Harbor

The Big Banana Fun Park is what you will be doing for the first half of the day. Then make a move to the seaside town Yamba. Try the best seafood here if you are fond of some. Later take a walk to the Iluka Nature Reserve part of the World Heritage-listed Gondwana Rainforests. Relax for some time and then head towards Byron Bay which is 90 minutes drive from here.

Day 5: Sunrise at the Beautiful Byron Bay

Get up early and try to be the first one to see the sunrise from the lighthouse at Cape Byron. You can then be here for some time. Grab your meals at any of the local cafes and restaurants. Towards the end of the journey, you can then fly to the Gold Coast.

Things to do in Australia

  • Water sports like Snorkeling, Surfing, Paddleboarding, and Diving.
  • Fun at Adventure Parks.
  • Visit Arakwal National Park at Byron Bay and Royal Botanical Gardens at Sydney.
  • Long Road Trips like Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive, Grand Pacific Drive, and The Hunter Valley Road.