If you have a deep desire to look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, a pair of Aviators is an essential accessory, as both these superstars sport Aviators.  Of course, there are styles within styles and the Aviator has a colourful history, which began with special sunglasses for aviation pilots, which cut out glare, allowing them to see clearly. 

Within a decade, this unique pear-drop style made by Ray-Ban had penetrated the US market. Then, in 1986, the movie Top Gun was released and Tom Cruise combined with Aviators to produce that iconic image while sat astride his bike. This really launched the style and today, many brands use the Aviator design, which is both functional and elegant. Ray-Ban still markets the design today.

The Mirrored Look

Mirrored Aviators are extremely cool. Indeed, many top stars wear Aviators with mirrored lenses, something that adds a little mystery and intrigue, and with an online Aviator sunglasses supplier, you can browse many top brands until you find the right pair. 

Lens Colour

There are many shades of tint, from a light yellow to a very dark tint and see what works best with the outfit, and if you own several pairs, all the better. Three or four shades would allow you to be choosy, depending on your outfit of the day, and if you shop online, prices are very reasonable, which means you can order several pairs of varying styles to suit your mood on the day. Blue is great for casual denim wear and there are several shades of blue from very pale to a darker tint, while yellow goes very well with a light beige outfit, as with a rustic style.

Gold Frames

If you really want a glitzy look, gold framed Aviators are just the thing, while there are also chrome frames that are very popular. For the best deal on designer Aviators, search online for a leading designer sunglasses supplier, where you can browse a wide selection of brand products at very affordable prices.

Plastic Frames

Sporty style Aviators are usually made with plastic or composite frames, which are far more durable than metal frames, plus you can add a level of chunkiness to your look. If you would like to view a wide selection of Aviators with plastic frames, check out the online supplier who would have a great selection.

Everything depends on you and the style you prefer and most trendy guys have a few pairs of designer sunglasses for every occasion. That way, you can choose the most suitable and you could have a couple of pairs for everyday use and a couple for those special occasions.

There are a few size variations with the lenses, so choose a pair that look in proportion to your face, which is an important aspect, and by shopping online, you get the best selection of styles and sizes. Whether you prefer mirrored or tinted lenses, the Aviator style offers trendy options for the man who wants to look his best wherever he happens to be.