If you are planning to wear a short dress for the 2023 homecoming, you are obviously a girl with self-confidence and in this short article, you will learn different ways to incorporate floral or botanical elements into your look.

Vegetation Print (Botanical) – Some designers use a print with vines, branches and leaves, which connects you to nature. While there aren’t that many designers that use botanical print fabric on the dresses they create if you search, you will find designers that use botanical prints.

Floral Print – Whether by coincidence or not, floral prints are in this year, with short dresses for homecoming to bring the summer look. The best place to find affordable designer homecoming dresses is the online designer dress boutique, where top designers like Sherri Hill and Jovani showcase amazing floral print dresses in a range of styles.

Flowery Brooches – For that summer feel, why not add a few brightly colored flower brooches? There are some chic online accessory stores with floral brooches and the great thing about online shopping is you can shop at your own pace. Placement can vary, depending on how unique you want to be. Local markets might be the place to find flowery brooches and garlands; ask your friends and they probably know a few places.

  • Flowery Bangles – Why not search out a set of flowery bangles? They do exist and you’re more likely to find them online. Add a splash of flowery color to your look with cool flower bangles. You can even wear a flowery Swatch in a bright color; see their online store for the best deals.
  • Shawl – Let’s face it, if you are wearing a short dress, you will need something to keep you warm and a flowery shawl is a great way to bring nature into the picture. Browse the online stores looking for the right garment and order in time for the homecoming. If you design your own shawl, a local dressmaker could knock one out for just a few dollars and you have a great accessory for those cool fall evenings.
  • Hair – Why waste a golden opportunity to introduce flowers in your hair? Hairbands with flowery angles are perfect if you wish to add a natural touch. A single orchid behind your ear is another way to make you look natural. If you have yet to acquire your homecoming dress, search the Internet for a leading designer dress boutique near you and browse away! Flowery hair extensions are another option, especially if you have long hair.
  • Cut Out Flowers – If you fancy something totally unique, find the right fabric and cut out pretty flower petals and attach them to your dress. This is a cheap way to adorn your dress with pretty flower arrangements, and you can get creative. There are some great examples if you use Google Images, with catwalk photos with a botanical angle.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways that you can make use of flowery and botanical patterns with your homecoming outfit. When it comes to selecting the right short dress, check out the online designer dress boutique for the best deals. Make sure you order the dress with enough time for minor alterations, at least 3-4 days before the event.

This is a great chance to use that creativity to good effect and come up with a look that wows your friends. Your accessories can reflect a natural theme and no one will come close to your look!