The reason I was a little sad yesterday was that I wasn’t selected for the quiz in my college. When I was so sure that I would be. The teacher even said that ‘all students from Science stream got great marks’ & the Arts students got ‘2’ & ‘3’ marks (I’m from the arts stream & the quiz was out of 35 marks.)
Quiz is one thing that I’m good at. So I was disappointed & feeling kinda low.
Anyway I decided that I couldn’t have got that low marks. As I said, I’m a quiz champ (& no that’s not the over-confidence speaking, I AM Good. You would know that if you knew me in person.) So I went to the teacher concerned, & asked her whether I could see my paper. She fished out my paper from a bundle, & gave me a disappointed look. I had got just 4 marks. I was horrified. I opened my paper. There were so many ‘correct’ marks. I wondered what the hell was going on. And I asked her. She was shocked & embarrassed. Because she had taken just the first page into account while tallying the marks. & I got 16 marks. A whooping sixteen. The so-called great Science stream quiz topper had topped the quiz with just 8 marks. I doubled him. She was all praises for me. I was definitely on the team. I had topped the entire SYJC. By a WIDE margin.
I feel really awesome right now.
This is not a normal blog post. I just wanted to share my joy! ^_^
Yours happily,