I used to be obsessed with gadgets, phones & cameras specifically. I tracked every single new entrant on the market, compared features & prices; basically all of my friends & family came to me for advise whenever they wanted to purchase a new handset. I ever wrote a little for a popular Indian gadget blog for a bit.
But that was years ago, before the era of smartphones (wow do I feel old!) My work includes a lot of social media & if I quantify the time I spend on the internet, I definitely use my phone a lot more than my computer; & that’s saying something!
I don’t keep track of every new phone that releases, rather I prefer to stick to what works well for me. I recently got the chance to test the newly launched phone from the Chinese brand Phicomm. The Phicomm Passion 660 comes packed with a 2GB RAM, a full HD display, 13 mega pixel rear camera & a 5 mega pixel front camera.

When choosing a phone, although good functionality plays the most important part, I definitely give some weight to the looks of it as well. First of all, I’m going to be staring into it for a lot of my waking hours so it better be designed well. And secondly, as a fashion blogger I wouldn’t want to style a really nice outfit for a day out & then pull out an eyesore of a phone from my bag.
The first thing I noticed about the Phicomm Passion is that its ridiculously light. Can you believe it weight only 110gms? It (thankfully!) looks pretty great too, the edges are finished with metal while the back is matte – so no fingerprints!
The phone runs on Android 4.4 KitKat. While I’m currently using iOS, I’m quite familiar with Android as both my parents use it & I have helped them set it up initially. The phone was very easy to set up & I was downloading my apps in no time.

While I own two cameras that I use on a regular basis, my phone camera is very important to me – it’s where I take selfies with my #fotd (face of the day), live tweets interesting events with photos & of course share pictures of my lunch 🙂
The front camera on the Passion 660 is undoubtedly better than my iPhone 5 front camera, it takes detailed but flattering selfies. Oh & it’s also wide angle so it makes it great for group selfies or just self portraits showing a little more of your surroundings! The front camera works excellent in well lit situations & even has some nifty features like quick auto focus, anti shake & burst mode. It doesn’t fare as well at night or in low light situations, but still pretty good.

I’m a bit of an app fiend but while testing this I just downloaded my top few apps- twitter, instagram, periscope, vscocam & amazon. I was really impressed with how soon I could edit my photos in vscocam, the powerful processor really shines through.

And I cannot talk about any phone without mentioning battery life. Truth be told, I’ve gotten quite used to a really shitty battery on my iPhone 5 & have taken to lugging around a massive power bank everywhere.
I took a chance on the Phicomm Passion & left my home without a power bank. During the day I used the camera, tweeted, instagrammed, referred to maps once (I swear I cannot go anywhere without using maps!) & checked my email a couple of times. Even then the battery lasted 10 hours, which I thought was quite impressive.

The phone comes with 16GB internal storage & a micro SD card slot, through which you can expand the storage by up to 64GB!

I didn’t really know what to expect while testing the Phicomm Passion 660 but I must say it packs quite a punch especially at the price range. It’s available for ₹10,999 on Amazon India. If you are looking for a mid range smart phone I would definitely recommend it.

For further information, please reach out to http://mediamoments.in/